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Chapter 1:- Eight-Year Old Jargon
I remember there was a lanky dark-haired child back when I was eight years old. He was in the beautiful part of town, whilst I was in the more grey-ish area. When he came to visit with other kids, I didn’t understand why the kids from my class fawned over him. I didn’t understand why he had the better house when he has such an annoying personality. I remember him boasting about his new toy car, the ones where you can sit in and steer around, his dad bought him. Every kid in Nadir gathered around and “ahhhh-ed” at that dark-haired boy, and every kid in Zenith just stayed in their own little circle, uninterested.
Caier, the lanky dark-haired Zenith, did this every week when his school takes a field trip to Nadir. That is the only time any Zenith could cross borders. For “educational purposes” you can say. I didn’t particularly enjoy these field trips. One day, I got pelted by him because I didn’t find his haircut interesting.
“You Nadirs will never understand the quality of us Zeniths.” Caier tuts triumphantly. I only rolled my eyes.
“Nadirs are more humble, and we don’t have big heads like the Zeniths do.” I fire back. The fire in his eyes brighten, and I ended up in the hospital that day.
Today marks the ninth year since that accident. Since the meaning between Nadirs and Zenith came to light. I am now a seventeen year old Nadir girl that never bothered with the Zeniths ever again. I try to avoid them as much as possible, like the plague. It’s just better to avoid such tantalizing human beings in this delicate world.
The weather is as cold as ever, given that it is Winter. Snow thinly layered itself on the concrete ground. The slosh underneath my rain boots sound every time I take a step.
“Good day, Eunice!” Cry a lady from a bakery. Shelby, is her name. I smile at her and walk toward her for the usual weekly bread pick up.
“How are you, Shelby?” I ask her, the smell of sweet buns wafting through the air.
“Making my way up to the Zeniths!” She cackles. I chuckle lightly with her. The stigma between the Nadirs and Zeniths are as prevalent as ever. Nothing has changed.
“Right on, Shelby! Now,” I direct my eyes to the buns and baguettes in the open stone oven. “Where can I get those heavenly bread of yours! Mom wants five baguettes, and if you don’t mind leaving a tight mouth from Mom… I would like to sneak a bun in too.” My voice fades away as if Mom is with me right now. Shelby winks at me and gives me the thumbs up.
Shelby scuttles to the oven behind the counter, and pull out a fresh batch. I inhale, and goodness me, I can feel myself salivating.
I got my five (plus one) sticks of bread, and hug Shelby goodbye. A good lady she is, whenever I pass by this side of town, I always give her a visit that ends with a hug.
Zipping up my jacket, and snuggling the scarf closer to my neck I continue to venture on with the grocery list Mom has given me. With Mom working throughout the whole day, I am usually the head chef of the house. That’s the least I could do.

“Lev!” I call as I take off my shoes at the front door. Lev is my three year old little brother. He’s a wild and messy little thing, but I still adore him no matter how devious he is. I hear footsteps batter on our wooden floorboard, and I put down my basket to catch Lev in my arms. Sure enough, his tiny little frame comes running to me, and clasps his short arms around my neck.
“Eunsh!” Levi yelp excitedly. I look into his big green eyes, and they’re just so filled with happiness. It saddens me how the happiness will gradually dissipate as he grows older and realize the kind of society he’ll be growing into.
I settle him back down, and make a beeline to the kitchen to settle down, and start cooking. As usual, Mom and Dad came home at around seven o’clock looking like a haggard and battered businesswoman. Seeing them wear the very same suit everyday, whether it’s clean or dirty, brings a tinge of pain to my heart. They work all day, but never had the heart to spend something for themselves.
“Hey, Honey.” She settles down her bag, and unties her hair bun. “Oh, it smells delicious in here!” I smile at my mom as she picks Levi up in her arms. Dad comes into the kitchen also, rubbing his face tiredly. I frown a little as I prep the dining table with chicken and pasta.
By midnight, I was in my room. I look around me: the blank white walls covered in photos, my wooden computer desk for which my grandma has once used, and the little book resting next to my bed. My eyes fixated on the white ceiling on top of me. I see the Nadirs gather around one Zenith. That Zenith was wearing the same clothes as me, but that Nadir who came up to that Zenith wore the same eyes as me. I blinked once, then twice. Everything went blank in front of me again.

Unlike yesterday, the sun decided to greet me today, but it was still cold. I put on the warmest long sleeve I could find in my closet, and head out the door.
“Hey there, Eunice!” Asa, my neighbor, greets me near her flowers. I wave back to her, and continue walking towards the bridge. But after almost two hours, I don’t see the bridge in sight. I must’ve made the wrong turn along the way somehow, because I am now at the border between the Nadirs and Zeniths.
I look around and there are no guards around the border. I stand here still, in amazement that I have even gotten this far without anyone stopping me. No one ever comes here really. No one could have ever gotten this far, and no one could have ever imagined coming here. It’s just too risky, too dangerous. Paranoia is starting to overwhelm me, and I’m looking behind me every five seconds to see if I’ll be thrown in jail or something.
You know you want to, Eunice. Just one peek.
Just one second.
Just one time.
Not risking a chance of getting caught, I quickly pop my head through the wooden gate, just barely getting a view from the tiny square hole. The view on the other side was breathtaking. Nothing like I’ve ever seen before. There are women dressed in their expensive coats, designer handbags, and their shiny sparkling shoes. All their eyes are shaded with sunglasses and colored lipstick. The men, I see, are covered in expensive suits and leather jackets, paired with their suede leather shoes. I wonder how much those cost. I only see a few of them here in the Nadir community, but really only the upper Nadirs can afford them.
My eyes try to take in everything I can before time runs out and I have to head back. I sat here for about two hours, and I am yet to be caught. I find it hard for my body to leave this spot when I all I see is a pot of gold.

“Hey, Miss! What do you think you’re doing!” Crap! I look behind me, and I see an urgent
guard running up the hill towards me. My eyes widen in fright, and my body leaps up right away in a dead sprint.
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