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Chapter 1:- The beginning
This world is different from what we believe. This is a world of deceit and fruitless struggles, where the outside is a pristine mask obscuring the rancid smell of corruption and false words. You may believe that your future is engraved through the different choices you make in life; however, there is a dour and icy truth behind what you'd call "fate." A secret so cold, not a soul should ever know. If this were ever to be revealed, you would plunge into its darkness, never again to breathe and live your beautiful, ignorant lives.
So, heed my warning. “Do not seek the truth.”
Once, I knew this girl. She was neither a friend, nor a girlfriend, so I don't really remember her name. Let’s just call her girl A.
She was a bright high school student, with many friends, a steady boyfriend, good grades, and enough athletic ability to be considered “The Ace of Tennis”; anyone could say her life was perfect. If you asked anyone about her, they'd all tell you how fortunate she was.
However, girl A was seemingly too perfect, it was no surprise that people began to wonder.
"Does she have any worries in life?"
"Is there anything she'd want to change?"
These thoughts turned rumors, which further spiraled into lies.
"Hey, I heard she broke up with him."
"I bet deep inside she's unhappy."
Even with these rumors all around, no one actually believed that girl A was troubled with any doubts or worries, as most of these strings of lies were spread by others green with envy. After all, if there was someone who was so much better off than you, it’d be natural to want to believe that they would have some sort of weakness and unfulfillment in life.
Not that I do this, I’m a dude. Neal Ashton's my name.
While all this may make girl A sound special, she was actually just another girl. A normal girl, who had small worries here and there. Worries like getting a bad grade or getting into a fight with her boyfriend seemed so big in the scope of her world, and these were things she regretted and wanted to change. So much so, that it controlled her life. If there ever was a chance to change her misfortunes… well, let's just say she'd go as far as to steal for it.
Before continuing on about girl A, let me just remind you once again that I’m a dude. So, don’t get confused. It isn't my hobby to talk about girls and their boyfriends, and I certainly am NOT...well, forget it.
Now, let’s not get off-topic, back to the story. What made girl A different was probably that she was overwhelmed with worries inside, even more so than others. While everyone thought she was happy, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. When she believed her life couldn't get any worse, something that neither she nor anybody else could ever have imagined, happened to her.
I didn’t know her personally, but I heard she was a pretty nice girl. Until one day when she completely changed, to the point where not even her closest friends recognize her. She gave off a depressing air, and she didn’t say a word to anybody. It was kind of like seeing someone really popular turn into a loner in 24 hours. Doesn’t make any sense, right? All the eyes in the building were on her, making her look almost pitiful and constrained, like those miserable caged animals at the zoo. Even a stranger like me felt bad. She had lost the sparkle in her eyes, and she walked down our halls like a soulless shell. It was hard to blame anyone for their judging stares, I mean. It was too much of a surprise that it’d be weird for you not to notice. All I can say on this matter is the fact that she lost all her so called “friends” after a single day of this sudden transformation. I wonder… could you call them real friends?
By now, you must be wondering: “Why did girl A change?”
Honestly, I'm pretty sure anybody would wonder why, I know I did. Well, I did until I was dragged into the "truth."
Or is it more correct to call it... half the truth? Until the day of girl A’s change, I didn’t think regrets were bad things. After all, they help you so that you can learn. Since you can’t change your past, you should watch out so you don’t make the same mistakes in the future. So, don’t regrets actually make you much wiser?
But, enough about me. I’m not that important in the story I’m about to tell. I have my scenes here and there, but this story actually centers around… my friend.
The girl who chose to fight the truth.
Her name was Tara Coleman, and she was also in her bright high school years. I think it all started in... Sophomore year, yeah that was it. She wasn’t loved as much as girl A, nor did she always look happy. She was almost the opposite. Funny how a girl like her is the main character and not girl A. Well, Tara wasn’t a mean person or anything. Just someone who was hard to talk to. There’s this one time when a girl tried to talk to her, and man, that did not go well. Before this, I had thought Tara was just some quiet and shy girl, but boy was I wrong. She just was more of an independent and mysterious character. I swore I could feel this menacing aura emitting from her. I’m not even joking. I may have seen a dark shadow moving behind her as well. Yes I know everyone has a shadow but what I thought I saw was… different. It moved differently, if you know what I mean… I had to rub my eyes twice to be absolutely sure I wasn’t seeing things.
I think Tara’s around my height, maybe few inches shorter. Really skinny as well, I don’t think she eats enough. She also had straight black hair that goes down to her waist, and bangs that were long enough to cover her eyes.
Not being able to see her eyes made her harder to approach.
Though I knew something no one else knew. It was a while ago, in middle school, when I got to see Tara’s face. The wind was blowing pretty hard that day, and she happened to be standing next to a window. When her bangs were blown to the side, I noticed she had really big eyes and long eyelashes.
That was a really long time ago, and with her bangs even longer now, you couldn’t really call her pretty.
So, we were all in class, and this girl approached Tara to collect everyone’s homework. Poor girl didn’t know of “Tara” then. So when she walked over to her desk, creepy black-haired Tara slowly lifted her head. The girl could see one of Tara’s eyes peek through her bangs. Then, as if the eye hypnotized her, the girl just froze in place and I could see that she was looking a bit pale. I squinted to try and understand the situation. Then I felt a sudden temptation to get a closer look, but didn’t after seeing how everyone kept their distance and only stared. The pale girl blinked out of her frozen state, and I could tell she didn’t know what the heck she was doing.
Perhaps she had a memory lapse.
Well after that, the girl just left, completely forgetting to collect Tara’s homework. So in the end, Tara had to hand in her own homework. That day I couldn’t tell the difference between a fictional story and reality. There’s a girl who can hypnotize people. She’s in my school, and in my class. I mean, how cool is that?
But believe it or not, Tara didn't actually want to be alone. Even though it may seem like she hated everyone in this world, deep down she wanted a friend. This was really hard for Tara, and after some time she slowly came to realize that it wasn’t possible for her. Then, she closed these desires even deeper. So deep, that she lived everyday pushing people away from her. But, I’m guessing it’s mainly the fault of her current appearance. So yeah, I’ve actually known Tara for a while. But it was only after that day that I truly wanted to know her more. Who knows, maybe one day I’d need a friend who can hypnotize people.
Though that day was from a long time ago, probably in around sixth grade. But now, we’re in high school.
I think Tara actually made some improvements. She can now look people in the eye without scaring the hell outta them. However, overall she was exactly the same. I mean, don’t people change over time? You change, and I change. So what’s the matter with Tara? On the other hand, girl A’s conditions were closed off to all of us. After that day when she went all depressed and gloomy, she disappeared. No one knows where she went, and for some reason there haven’t been any reports of missing students. So we all thought she transferred somewhere.
Which we found out wasn’t true the next day. It was in the girl’s bathroom in the gym. On the windows next to the sink, somebody had written big red letters:
“Don’t play with fate.”
I heard the people who discovered it first were so freaked out, they screamed. They had thought it was blood. After the teachers were notified, and the police got involved, they found out it wasn’t blood. This was definitely reassuring. However the creepy part was that they could not identify the red substance. You see, I’m not smart. I’m probably like a B- student so I couldn’t start thinking “omg I wonder what this red stuff is made out of.” the minute I saw it. I could only see the big picture, and what’s in front of me. So of course, I saw the letters. The phrase written wasn't like any other threats. What do they mean by “playing with fate??” Before any of that...who wrote it? I got my answer sooner than I thought. The police had found a couple of fingerprints on the window, which all pointed to girl A. She should have known to hide her tracks.
When the police called her house, there was no answer. After attempting to contact, they decided to go directly to her house for questioning. In their minds, the answer was clear; Girl A was the criminal, and all they had to do was take her in. However, it wasn’t as easy as they wanted it to be. There was no answer on their phone, nor was there an answer after knocking on the door. They had no choice but to break in. Each police man had wrong predictions on what could’ve happened, and what they would see. All of them were wearing shocked expressions on their faces, as they walked into the dark house and looked down at the cold wooden floor.
Blood, and two corpses.
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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