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Chapter 1:- Spring-First time
I went to high school like any other normal day I always spend on the land.

He wore summer uniform, short sleeves and very comfortable.

The flowers of the beautiful spring began to bloom.

The steps I take to go from home to the Bachillerato are very distant and exhausting,
even more if I dare to take the step. Well, walking 10 blocks was not easy enough to get used to,
but my body was adapting little by little to the usual routine.

I remember that the first time I stepped on this Institute,
It was so extravagant that I felt a tingling of nerves that ran through my body. But, in a short time, I managed to get used to it,
and with this I also managed to be up to the last year of the Bachillerato.

When I went to the door of the Institute, I remembered that time I did it for the first time.

As I stood in front of the school, a deep thought buzzed in my mind:

I hope I can ... find the happiness I need.

By saying that, I took the first step in my last path of Primarvera that I would spend with my best companions.
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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