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Chapter 1:- Afterlife

There is this thing about dying. Something about the act of death changes you. I remember dying. I was floating in a vast darkness that spread out in all directions. I vaguely remember a type of pain, but that was long gone, as was my very self.
I was nobody.
Just a single light falling in an infinite darkness. Pieces of myself falling away slowly from my body. Piece by piece, I was being unmade. Toward the end, I started to wonder if I had ever been whole in the first place.
I don't know how long I floated, eternities maybe. Time had no hold on my prison, and I felt nothing. I wondered how much longer I would exist, if soon I would just blink out of existence.
Strangely, I began feeling warmth as soon as that thought passed. It was a strange warmth that seemed to penetrate my entire being. For a while it felt good after feeling nothing, but then the warmth increased. It became so unbearably hot. I felt like I was on fire, and for a second I wondered if I was in Hell. But I hadn't done anything to warrant that.
Had I?
The fire grew hotter. If I had a mouth at the time, I would have been screaming. I was in Hell, that was the only explanation. The fire was consuming me. I was becoming one with my torture. I closed eyes that I didn't know I had. Suddenly, the fire was gone.
I opened my eyes to find myself in a narrow hallway. In front of me was a plain wood door with a brass handle. The walls of the hallway seemed to be made of glass. I looked to my left and saw my own reflection, and was surprised to find I wasn't nothing. The girl I saw was a rather tall, fairly thin, female, with light brown hair falling down her back in loose curls. Hazel eyes studied me with curiously. She wore no clothing, and I did not feel ashamed because of it. I kept staring at her, trying to force myself to believe that was me. I looked down at my naked body and ran uneasy hand over my bare skin. The girl in the mirror was most defiantly me.
Yet something felt wrong.
I looked behind me for the first time and saw only an endless mirrored hallway. Curiosity burned through me. I wanted to know where it lead. At the same time I felt a need to stay where I was.
I touched the wood door, and a feeling of nostalgia ran through me. This was my door, and I felt in my heart that I shouldn't leave it.
I turned the doorknob, only to find it was locked. Panic ran through me, this was my door, and I needed to get through it. I sensed that the “myself” that I had lost was there, behind that plain wood door. I turned and looked down the hallway again. I wanted so badly to go through my own door, but maybe that wasn't what was supposed to happen.
So I turned my back on my door, on myself, and walked toward what was going to be the wildest adventure anyone could ever imagine.
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 Next Last 
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