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Chapter 1:- One Banana

I’m a banana, I’m yellow, I’m a crescent shape… I think I’m a Chiquita banana from the sticker on my side. I’m one amongst many, no different from the banana to my right or the banana to my left. In fact I think I’m nothing very special… just yellow, crescent, and just another Chiquita banana. Sooo, here I am… among my people resting on a counter wondering when the mighty hand will choose us all. All of us have to go because we’re tightly held together so of course all of us would go… right?

One hand came and grabbed the banana to my right, who I called Ramundo, because he has a weird shaped mark on his right side… kinda looks like an ‘R’. Then the mighty hand took hold of me and pulled! For a moment I thought they had bruised me by the way the hand tossed us back on the counter… but no… the banana to my left had cushioned my fall.

“OW!!” She yelped. “What the heck was that?!”

“An inconsiderate hand…” I said resting on top of her.

“Yea, very inconsiderate!! I hope there’s no more hands like that!” She said not believing her own words, but by some miracle another hand came and picked us both up and finally put us into a bag together with other Chiquita bananas… and a cucumber.

“Eyyyy, quepasa?” The cucumber talked, he talked so much!! He talked about being with a bunch of bananas and how we looked the same, and then this and then that. Through our entire journey he just wouldn’t shut up, even Lizzie complained. Lizzie is the banana I’m attached to, and quite frankly it’s only literally that I’m attached to her because if it wasn’t for our stems being joined together I wouldn’t stay so close. Plus the fact that I can’t move didn’t help the situation. Together she and I will stay till the hand that took us eventually will unjoin us.

“Aren’t we a bunch of a-peeling bananas?” I said once we were all placed inside a bowl somewhere in a colorful looking room.

“Haha, we haven’t heard that one before…” One grumpy banana grumbled.

“Hey no need to be so blue, we’re yellow for a reason.” I said to this banana, resting across from me.

“We’re GOING TO BE EATEN!!!” One banana on the far left screamed, freaking out, going-

“Hey no need to go bananas,” I laughed. “Then again you won’t stand out among a bunch of bananas.”

“Wow, you just get worse don’t you?” The grumpy banana continued.

“I’m just trying to make the best…” I said, not finishing my sentence before a bunch of apples were placed on top of us.

“Hi softies!” They laughed resting on our soft yellow peel.

“Hi uglies,” a banana to the right retorted.

“Ouch, who are you calling ugly?” One of the apple’s which I couldn’t see spoke.

“Who do you think?”

This argument went on like that for awhile, each of us insulting each other, while together we were in the bowl. The bowl where all the fruits who were marked down in price go to… to be picked by hands that hold you too tight bruise you and then complain you’re just too bruised and put you back in the bowl.

Well I guess just cause you have a peel doesn’t necessarily make you a-peeling… haha… I’m… so… puny…

Chapters:  1 2 3 4 Next Last 
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