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Chapter 1:- Longing
I watched her from a distance.

Among many,
she stood out,
her yellow untarnished peel glowing radiantly like the sun.

Not once would I call out to her,
no matter how much I wished to.

I longed for her to notice me,
this prickly hurtful fruit.

I am the prickly to her smooth,
the sweet to her plain yet soft center,
the green to her yellow.

How would a delicate fruit like her notice a brute like me?

I have spent many days wondering
but I would much rather watch her be.

I noticed how happily she smiles amongst her kind.

The closeness she shares with her fellow bananas,
while I am a solitary pineapple.

There are other pineapples that surround me
but none of them understanding of my love.

Their cruel and harsh words bring only pain.

"Why love a banana of all fruit?"

"What is wrong with loving another of your kind?"

"Are you willing to tarnish your royal upbringing?
We are at the top for a reason.
Do not shame us all for falling for a simple and common banana."

None of them are willing to understand.

If only they could see her as I do.
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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