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Chapter 1:- 39 Days -Stein
April 21, 20XX Saturday
Today's my birthday, seems like I'm finally fourteen. This thing called a "book" or "journal" was handed to me today.. By grandmother, one hour and thirty-three minutes before her death. How unfortunate ... But at least she was able to give me this. In order to make use of this, I guess I'll write a few things into it..

April 25, 20XX Wednesday
I keep forgetting to write things down in here.. Seems like I need to get a habit of writing things down first.

April 27, 20XX Friday
Seems like mom and dad are fighting again. So annoying.

May 1, 20XX Tuesday
It's spring time but yet the flowers in mom's garden haven't bloomed yet. Strangely, it has been very cold lately too.

May 2, 20XX Wednesday
School was a disaster today. Or in chaos are least. There was a strange screeching sound from the sky. Loud enough to break some glass windows. Our science teacher Mr. Watz told us to stay back and away from them.

May 3, 20XX Thursday
Things got even worst at school. A kid that is usually really quiet and a delinquent in class started screaming, saying crazy things while rolling on the floor. Everyone was laughing at first before he started foaming from his mouth while covering his ears and wincing. Suddenly collapsing at the spot. He was taken to the infirmary.

May 4, 20XX Friday
There have been infamous rumors being spread out through the school about Jary, the kid that screamed. One said that he was taking illegal drugs. Another said that he was being abused by his parents. And others said he was just plain creepy and crazy. I feel bad for the guy.

May 6, 20XX Sunday
My best friend, Mami and I, visited him yesterday at the hospital. He was locked in a bubble cage, sitting in the middle of it and hugging his knees. Rocking back and forth like he really was crazy. Whispering the same words every time until I told him to shut up. He glared up at me and jumped at the bubble wall my way, being blocked by it.

May 8, 20XX Tuesday
A weird alarm sounded in the middle of the day. All students were evacuated home immediately for some reason. Before they did, they told us. "Don't go or look outside. And make sure to keep your blinds in your house closed, covering every part of the window. Until you hear the alarm again, you must remain inside where you are most safe..!! Good luck to all of you.." I don't understand why..

May 17, 20XX Thursday
We've been locked in our house for nine days straight so far.. We never heard the alarm. My family has been suffering in hunger, soon we'll be bones. Too bad we weren't able to grab some quick groceries before all of this..

May 30, Wednesday
I'm so damn hungry... Mom and dad keep fighting again and again everyday now. We've all been stressing out so much. What the hell is going on outside that's so important???
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