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Chapter 1:- Jane Fisher: A Third-Person Love Story - It Started with a Rejection
Jane. The calm and collective Jane Fisher, fell in love.

I know that it's not my place to tell this story but who else would? Just another love story isn't it? No, it really wasn't. At first I thought the same thing, until I got into this mess and realized that there was more to it.

Jane Fisher; we weren't really friends and all, I don't know if I could even call her an acquaintance for god's sake. The only thing we've ever said to each other were "hi" and "bye," two words. We were practically strangers who strangely had the same classes together for the past 4 years.

She's a nice and friendly person but the problem was me. The girl who sat in the back row and notices everything that happens. Anyways, less about me and let's get with the story shall we?

Jane, she was perfect; nice, kind, and beautiful. I don't know if she notices but, all the guys throw themselves at her. So what happens when he gets involved?

Nelson Daniels. He was a smart guy, good looking too but there was always something that bothered me about him. The way he acts and his use of language. If I put it in a nice way, he was being a flirt but if you really want me to be honest, he has douche written all over his face.

The thing is; you see people like Jane and then you see people like Nelson, both are good looking and all but you just can't picture the two together, EVER.

I sound like I'm getting all up into people's business and I thought so too but the story's fairly interesting and the Eleanor Roosevelt, "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people" bullshit is just calling everyone dumb. God knows we can't help it, it's part of human nature; I suppose.

Anyways, here's how it went. It was like I was one of those audiences at the movies. Everything happened so sudden that I couldn't even believe my eyes. And to think that people wanted privacy; they just throw in what they have to say without caring who was there and who was not.

So Jane sat there at her desk quietly, looking over her studies and suddenly Nelson barged in with fiery--I think it was--in his eyes? He eyed Jane hard and walked towards her without leaving that poor gaze she gave back. I felt bad for him, I really did. He looked like he was trying really hard and it was all because of yesterday's accident.

We had gym together, all three of us. Nelson being Nelson was the star of attention. Shooting baskets and scoring those goals, I could care less; Jane could care less. But stupidly enough he tripped himself and fell right in front of Jane. Everyone laughed, even I did but Jane being Jane, didn't. Nelson just laid there and stared at her. It was like love at first sight or something; he looked starstruck. He didn't move for quite a while and he kept staring at her with that dumb smile of his. Jane stared back too; maybe a spark happened, I wouldn't know. Everyone else didn't seem to notice either, they all had their heads in the game to even care; the girls too, surprisingly.

Anyways, he just stood in from of Jane's desk and said one question that blew everyone's minds off. It wasn't even a question really; It was more of a statement...command?

"Go to prom with me," he said.

Everyone in class just stopped what they were doing and looked at them. I think it was the tension, I bet everyone felt it. And when Jane simply said "no" it was like a bomb went off in his head. He just froze there; like a train had stopped working in his brain or something.

"I'm sorry, what?" He asked.

It was like the clips were on reply and he just couldn't believe what he heard. His feelings were mocking him at that moment, I can tell. His eyes were taking turns twitching at each other and he couldn't even swallow the damn fact that he was (indirectly in a sense) rejected.

Boy, I felt sorry for him but not sorry enough. At heart I was laughing so hard. You really couldn't blame me, other people were laughing their asses off and poor Nelson just glared at them. It was like a "girl on her period" type of glare. At least I was sane enough to laughed on the inside. That glare was awful. The minute he gave that glare, the guys stopped laughing. It didn't scare you that much really, it was just that people had the sense to shut up when they needed to; Nelson was no joke.

Jane just replied with, "I said no," to Nelson and it killed him.

He stood there for a minute with disbelief and walked off like he was drunk. It was like he was ready to be sent to the nurse's office, he seemed dead for a second, like he was about to get a heart failure any minute. The way he walked out the door was like the downfall of a protagonist; just plain sad.
Jane just continued on her work but I felt like she was still thinking about those last 3 minutes.

It got people talking alright. The school's filled with gossip girls, it's like their life depends on it.

Jane Fisher rejected Nelson Daniels.

The girls were whining and all but the guys were damn proud of her. It's not like popularity rule the school or anything but people talk, A LOT. And this isn't even the end of the story, It's just getting started really.

I've started to realize that life can really blow your mind away.
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