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Chapter 1:- A circumstance leading to a weird encounter
The Academic City
Thursday 12 July
11:09 pm

In one of the many dormitories in District n. 7 of Gakuen, the light was still on. A certain long-haired boy was working on his homework about a certain matter. And while he was sitting, reviewing what he had written it smelled of 'grilled' in his kitchen
* Smell smell ... smell smell *
Feeling the smell coming from his kitchen, the boy rushed to find the food he had cooked cramer
"Kusooooooooooooo ~"
Disappointed, the long-haired boy had then extinguished his gas cooker and returned to his room to resume his homework There were a lot of books and papers on the floor ... it was undoubtedly documents with which he was referring as well as drafts
When he sat on the floor to resume where he was, the sprinklers in his room were activated because of the smoke emitted by the "burned-up" in his kitchen
Uaaaaaaaaaahhh, such was the cry of the young boy.The duties on which he worked were now all wet
"If this 'thing' that everyone calls 'luck' really existed, then I really have to be the person to whom this 'luck' never smiles"
If we were to classify humanity into two categories, then it would be classified as follows
 _Lucky people
_And unlucky people
But despite the fact that a person is unlucky, it was possible that often it tastes a little luck However, this did not apply to a certain boy Who, as he says so well, had the misfortune to have life against him
His bad luck was such that there was more chance for the unlikely to be probable than for him to be lucky
The young boy had to do his homework again from the beginning
"4 hours of work lost in a split second. Life must be against me"

In Japan, whatever was happening, students had to always do their homework
 It was a very strict rule, and it was even more so in the academic city of Gakuen
"Fuck bad luck" cried the young boy who had spent a sleepless night to finish his homework
The young high school student finished at around 3:51 am, but as time and responsibilities did not allow him he could not sleep because he had to put away his room and prepare for the high school

Kamawara school
07:00 am
The courses were about to begin All the pupils were already present ... the delay was not tolerable
Their teacher arrived in the hall
"Class leader, you can start!"
The manager got up then ...
"Salute!" He said in a loud tone
All the students stood up and greeted their teacher
"Sore ja minna, let's start"
It was the day when everyone had to do their homework
"You will give me your copies in 10 minutes. Those who will have a bad note will have a course of catching up in the afternoon towards 04:00 pm"
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 Next Last 
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