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Chapter 1:- Twinkle In The Night
My name is Latimeria and right now, I seem to be trapped in a never-ending black abyss. Looking all around me. . . . there's nothing--- except. When I first awoke in this darkness, I thought it was a dream. Who knows, maybe it is. I'm still a bit confused. Anyhow, when I awoke in the nothingness, I sat for a while; wondering when it was that I was going to wake up. After what seemed like several hours, I grew extremely impatient and scared. I kept thinking, "What if I never wake up?". . . .

Just then, I noticed a ball of light streaming toward me in a way that I can only describe as divine. As it came closer, I felt a warmth from it's glow. It was . . . so beautiful. It nearly brought me to tears. It felt like a reunion with an old friend or a hug from a grandparent. Something familiar and kind compared to the hours of dark solitude in an unknown space. I stared at it; mesmerized. . . . .

Suddenly, I heard the voice of a little girl. It caught me by surprise and I found myself looking around in search of a small child nearby. Still, there was nothing but myself and this strange ball of light. I returned my gaze to it only to find the entity behind the voice.

"It's okay Latimeria. Everything will be alright." said the glowing globe with the voice of a little girl.

The way she said it, it was as though I could believe it; put my faith in 'her', if you will. I could feel happiness and euphoria from the luminous orb. Her words gave me immediate relief; like she had cast a spell upon me to sooth my chaotic, overflowing emotions. I felt my tense body turn to that of a relaxed, 'mushy' state. I had no complaints. This feeling of relaxation was comparable to that of a 100mg opiate in my opinion. . . .
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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