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Chapter 1:- How We Met
Cherry blossom trees everywhere, blood shed everywhere, a boy with black raven hair collapsed...

"AH!" you woke up with a big fright. You have dreamt about this quite a number of times but you were unsure why. "(name)-chan! Breakfast is ready!" You're grandmother called out. You're grandmother was a strong, fit and fine woman who handled all the house chores and of course you were living with her after all.

"Grandma~" you smiled at your grandmother cheerfully. "Look look~ Does the school uniform suit me well?" Grandma didn't give a second glance and continued washing the plates, "Yes, it suits you well dear." She smiled.

You wear your shoes ready to go out of the house. "I'm off now!" and you stepped out of the house. "Namimori High~ I'm ready!" you talked to yourself loudly.

On your way to school, you adjusted your uniform properly in place. You wouldn't want to look messy on your first day of school, you must show your teacher how well-mannered you were.

You took out your cellphone to check for the time. It was still early. You skipped and jump to school and you bumped into a person. "I'm sorry!! It wasn't on purpose!! I skipped and jump and didn't see you there!!! I was too happy and I didn't know who was in front of me and..." on and on you go with your excuse for not seeing the person in front of you. "C-calm down a bit... It's no big deal... Haha..." the timid boy smiled a little not knowing what to do. You bowed and bowed non-stop wanting your apology to accepted. "I forgive you, so calm down a bit..." You looked up, "really...?" he nodded. "Are you from Namimori High? Are you new?" he asked you and you nodded, "first year~" you then walked to school together with him.

You reached school with your new friend named Sawada Tsunayoshi. He was a second year, one year older than you. "See you then, Tsu-chan!" you waved to him and parted ways.

You found the class you were looking for and stepped into class. You had a cheerful smile on your face and chose to sit near the window. Of course you are also the type who doesn't like to miss out anything in class, you sit near to the board.

The teacher arrived and started with an introduction session. When it was your turn, "my name is (full name), I like sweet and cute things~" you smiled to the class and sat down.

After class, you had lunch break. You made quite a number of friends with your cheerful personality.

While walking, you bumped into someone. He glared at you, "watch where you are walking herbivore or I'll bite you to death..." everyone at the side of the hall where shivering and panicking saying things like, "she's so unlucky... Her first year in Nami High and this had to happen to her..." you looked at him with your big round eyes and smiled, "my name is (Full Name)! What's yours~?" he narrowed his eyes to take a closer look at you. "You don't have to know..." he walked away.

"(name)-chan! We just heard that the person you bumped into just now was from the disciplinary committee and nobody dares to defy him or they will be beaten up!!" you look up at your friend with wide sparkling eyes while biting onto your chopstick. "Is that right~?" she nodded quick, "moreover you talked back to him!!" you claimed that you did not talk back to him, you just introduced yourself to him.

Time flies when you're having fun...

School ended and you waved goodbye to your new friends. You were really happy to make friends and skipped back home. You were humming a nice tune of the Namimori anthem you learned in school.

A yellow bird flew down and started singing along with you. You looked at the bird. "You're so cute~ Who taught you how to sing the school song?" the yellow bird flew up and perched on your head. "Hibari! Hibari!" You skipped home with another new friend made.

You reached home and the yellow bird flew into the house. Your grandmother who was cleaning dust around the house was surprised too. The yellow bird stood on the table waiting for you to come in. "I'm home~" you hugged grandma. "Welcome home, how was your first day at school?" you told her lots of things that happened in school, friends that you made and so on while eating dinner.

After showering, you went to your room to complete your homework before you sleep. Apparently the yellow bird was asleep on your desk.

Cherry blossom trees everywhere, blood shed everywhere, a boy with black raven hair collapsed...

Your hand reached out and it was in front of you when you woke up. "That dream again..." you woke up earlier than you expected, the alarm clock haven't even ring.

You went downstairs with the yellow bird on your head. "By the way, what's your name?" you asked the yellow bird. "Hibird! Hibird!" you brushed your teeth and washed you face.

"Good morning grandma!" it was the same every morning. You smelled the delicious omelette on the table, "thanks for the meal!" and started eating.

This time your grandmother sent you out the door. "Have a wonderful time in school." Your grandmother said while looking at you. "I will grandma~ I'm off now~" you hugged your grandmother.

You opened the door, Hibird flew out and perched onto someone's head. "Hibari! Hibari! Good morning! Good morning!"

Your grandmother smiled, "one of your friends? It is too ear-" you knew what she was about to say and cut in, "yeah! Of course his my friend, there's no way I could progress so fast on my first day!!" you waved your grandmother goodbye and joined up with Hibari.

Hibird perched onto your shoulder cuddling your cheek. Hibari observed you from the corner of his eyes, it seems that he doesn't want to leave Hibird with you.

You reached school with Hibird still on your shoulder and Hibari walking beside you. Everyone who were crowding scattered into different directions. Everyone was pointing at... ME?!?!

When you were about to part ways you waved at Hibari, "see you later~" and gave a cheerful smile. Hibari only glared at you, "Take care of Hibird while I'm gone... If a single feather on it drop off, I will bite you to death..." you only gave him a joyful smile, "ok~ I'll take good care of Hibird~"

And you parted ways with Hibari.

"WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?!?!" all your friends crowded around you. "Do you have any idea who he is?!" they were saying he was a devil, evil, gangster and all sorts of mean stuff about him. Well to you they were all jokes and you laughed. At the same time, all your friends turned to face you. "What's so funny, (Name)-chan?" you were laughing and they all couldn't help but laugh along. You were the joy of the class. You might not realise but Hibari have been observing you for a long time.

Lunch Break!

"Hey hey, (Name)-chan! Why don't you go eat with him~?" Your friend elbowed you a little. You looked around the class and only saw Kotaro there. "Him?" you pointed. "Why?" you asked curiously. "Not Kotaro you dumb dumb, the person outside our classroom." you looked outside the classroom. "Hibari?" your eyes looking at him. She nodded, "go on, don't be shy~"

'Shy about what??' you thought to yourself. You walked towards Hibari and pat him on the shoulder. "Hi hi~ Kyo-Chan~" he only glared at you and said, "where's Hibird?" Hibird came out of your chest pocket. "Right here!" you patted Hibird's head. "Hnn..." Hibari observed in a questioning tone.

You followed Hibari to the roof top.

"Why are you following me herbivore?" He questioned in a demanding voice. "My name is (Full Name) and I'm going to eat lunch with you~" you replied back with a smile while opening your lunch box.

Hibari lied down beside you, opening one eye watching you eat. Hibird was enjoying itself while singing the Namimori Anthem. You started humming in tune while eating. You and hibird were in sync. Hibari closed his eyes listening to the melodious singing of his favourite anthem.
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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