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Chapter 1:- Twin Moon Island
*Luffy and the Crew's new pirate ship.*

In their new ship, they head for the seas.
"I got ooooone~~!!!" Excitement and laughter can be heard from the deck.
Usopp: Woooow, you caught a shark!!!
Then he rooted as Luffy tossed the shark in the tank.
From the Aquarium Bar,
Robin: ...There's another one.
The boys run off, Luffy taking the lead. "Yeah, let's go see it!!" Usopp laughed.

In the Bathhouse, the room covered in steam.
Nami: Haaa... What a nice bath!
"A huge bathtub rocked by the waves. It's the best! <3"
The scene moves to Nami tying her hair up.
Everyone are in their rooms, the steady winds blow.
Gradually and steadily, the Sunny moves farther and farther to the left.
After a few yards of moving, the log pose, being close enough to another island, changed it's course;

This was an unnatural occurrence, the crew was headed for someplace else.

The log pose goes from island to another specific island depending on the trail chosen by each ship. If a ship goes to another island by an eternal pose or by some other method, it's course switches to a different island than from the one before. The reason how the strawhats can go to Twin Moon Island and not have their course changed is because Twin Moon Island is an exception; it's a unique island. The concept of this will be explained later on, throughout the story.

Though sadly, have one's course change to Twin Moon Island is a course of bad luck. Think of it as a delay to whichever island the log was pointed to last. Depending on the moon's position, Twin Moon Island can appear from any island before and pointed to Fishmen Island. This is also another reason why many pirates don't even reach Fishmen Island, for they get lost or die in this very trail.

Calline stalker-notes:

??/??/2011 ??:?? ??
Okay so I finally got SOME parts of her story out; Mana's story.
(I took my sister's idea into making a TextNovel *"O )
Just a note that most of this chapter, I took out of the One Piece manga.
Her story starts from there, thank you for reading!

Also, an apology for the really late posting of her story! >:')

07/24/2012 05:25 PM
I added this new EXPLORATION! part to each chapter. :'3 They're likeee.. they explain some things, you don't have to read them, they don't have much to do with the story, they just explain some things . I hope you find them interesting and I hope they help ! ^-^
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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