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Chapter 1:- The Loss of a Friend, The Gain of a Brother

      The beast was humongous.

     Whenever it let out a roar, the very land itself shook.

     Its whirling tails churned up massive thunder storms which tore the sky. Its razor-sharp claws ripped right through the flesh and bones of the oncoming ninjas. Its long pointed fangs easily chewed up the toughest enemy.

     Even its eyes would kill, for one piercing glance from them could make its opponents combust into flames.

     The Kyuubi was unleashed upon Konoha through the actions of the mysterious individual who kidnapped Kushina during the birth of her son. Ryoku and a group of Konoha ninja were making a B-line for the Fox demon “we’re reaching the range of its tails, so stay sharp and try not to get killed!!!”, Ryoku told his follower. The fox then sensed their presence and turned toward them. “Gaa-oooooooooooo!!!” the fox howled again. Ryoku then preformed hand signs then stopped “Water Style: Leviathan Barrier!!!” Ryoku commanded, and then water began to emerge from the very trees around them, thus crumbling the surrounding forest. The water gathered in front of him and began to take the form of a giant sea beast. The shock wave from the howl finally made it to them “Brace yourself!!!” Ryoku yelled as his jutsu began to absorb the impact of the roar.

   The roar finally quieted down and Ryokus’ jutsu turned back into water “a second too late then we’d be barbeque…. Extra crispy” Ryoku thought to himself as he examined the resulting damage from just its roar. Ryoku and his followers recollected themselves, but eight ninja were unaccounted for they might’ve been killed from the roar or they ran away after the smoke cleared up. Now only left with four ninja including him continued to head for the Nine-Tails hoping to cut him off before it reached Konoha itself.

     Meanwhile, the main forces nervously watched from a distance as the beast got closer. They were all well trained and were ready for mortal combat, but the very thought of fighting the Kyuubi still terrified them. They all knew that they could never kill the fox. But they all decided to give it their best shot anyway. They raise a battle cry so loud that Ryoku could hear it from his location “so they’ve finally stopped wetting their pants and finally started to get serious…… humans are a very interesting species” he thought to himself as he raced toward the battle.

     The fox just squinted at them at first. Then it roared, shattering their jutsu with very little ease. Fire jutsu vanished into thin air and ninja were scattered across the floor torn to shreds from his roar alone. The others didn’t run away even though the entire front line was destroyed with only a single howl, but quickly fired up their own jutsu. As Ryoku approached the battle at first he thought it was a one-sided battle with the Kyuubi having the upper hand, but the ninja were putting up a fight landing direct blows. The shinobi who were called into battle were considered masters. Each one had managed to land direct hits which they considered to be deathblow. They all figured that the creature might be hurt, even at least a little, but only Ryoku knew that all their effort was in vain.

     When the Fox emerged from the smoke, the ninja all froze in shock. The beast looked exactly the same! Not one scratch was made on its hide. Ryoku then charged at it at high speed and managed to land a punch. The demon fox winched in pain after Ryokus’ attack and to everyone’s surprise the fox cried in pain. Ryoku then rebounded after touching ground and charged at the fox again. The fox was not ready to receive another blow so it swung one of its tails at him, but was stopped for during his charge; Ryoku had performed hand signs and created a powerful water barrier, but because the fox was the spirit of fire the barrier didn’t exist for long after it touched its tail, but it was all he needed, for before the barrier dissipated, he manage to land another blow.

    Suddenly the fox rebounded for Ryoku’s attack and slid forward, too fast for anyone, but Ryoku to see. It slammed into the ninja who were about to release their jutsu during its clash with the young Anbu Captain. The front line survivors, who had retreated after their attack, somehow evaded the blow, because before the fox’s attack were to make contact, Ryoku performed another set of hand signs and created a Wall made of the very Earth itself. The fox grew ever more furious so it decided to go of its most powerful attack. It let out a massive roar and then Blood-red orbs emerged from its body no one, but Ryoku knew what was about to happen and he had to work fast. The orb then started to accumulate near the fox’s mouth as Ryoku started to perform a complex system of hand signs. As Ryoku ran ever faster, wings had sprouted from his back and he took off into the sky to intercept its attack.

     As Ryoku got in range of its attack, the Fox had finished preparing its own final attack, and then a menacing voice was heard throughout the land “now you pathetic humans shall suffer my eternal wrath…… Bijuu Dama” the voice said, but Ryoku knew full well whose voice that was; it was the Nine-Tails who spoke just now and had launched its attack. Then Ryoku who had finished his hand signs began to surge with red lightning. He then held out his arm and a massive ball of red electricity began to form in the space between his hands. “Thunder Dragon Style: Photon Cannon Blast!!” he yelled as a large red beam shoot out from his hands and then collided with the Kyuubi’s own attack. When the attacks collided, the nine-tails was shock to see someone holding off his own attack and still holding strong. Then the collision of the attacks made Kyuubi’s own attack become unstable and before the two realized it both attacks exploded send the two flying several miles away from each other.

     The nine tails had slammed into a mountain side which Ryoku slammed into the Great Stone Faces of the Hokage. Ryoku then crawled out of the creator he made and looked around “damn that’s some power he’s got on him…… but if this keeps up forget mountain we can call this Hill of the Great Stone Faces” he said to himself as he expanded his wings to take off again. The mountain side which the nine-tails slammed into was nothing more but a deep cave which then exploded from the fox’s rage. The two then charged at each other at blind speed what even the master ninja couldn’t keep up, then the two appeared facing each other covered in cuts, bruises, and scars.

     Then something which no one not even Ryoku could have predicted it from happening. The Nine-Tailed Fox suddenly turned its head in a different direction. It was what the ninja of the leaves had been hoping for as well as someone that Ryoku wasn’t expecting to see on the battlefield.

     A gigantic toad hopped over their bodies and had landed on the other side both the Fox and Ryoku. “Gamabunta….. Wait if he’s here then Minato’s here too” he told himself as he flew to the Giant toad and then landed on top of its head right next to a blonde-haired man. Ryoku then bowed to the man “Yondaime-sama why have you come to the battlefield and where’s Kushina-san…… answer me Minato Namikaze!!” he demanded from him, but go no answer. Ryoku then stood up and grabbed him by the collar of his coat and looked at him straight in the eye “Minato you….” Before he finished his sentence he then felt something gently grab his sleeve, then he looked down and saw a baby in Minato’s arms. “Minato what are you going to do with your son?” he asked him. Minato only smiled then said “look after my son for me….. Raise him as your own” was Yondaime’s final answer.

     Ryoku’s eyes then widen for he knew what Minato was about to do, but before he was given the chance to stop him, Minato with blinding speed places a seal on Ryoku and had teleported him back on the Mountain of the Great Stone Faces. “Damn that Minato and his Flying Thunder God jutsu” he said as he tried to pick himself up. Then he heard a blood-curdling scream. Ryoku knew what was happening and then he took off at top speed to try and stop the Yondaime from completely his Forbidden Jutsu. The ninja including Ryoku gaped in astonishment as a soft light rose up from the fox. All of a sudden, the light zoomed into the Yondaime and enters his son. It was too late for Ryoku to have stopped his friend. The Nine-Tailed fox, which many shinobi couldn’t harm, slowly crumpled to the ground. Ryoku then landed on the giant toad next to his fallen friend. He then picked-up the tiny infant whom the yondaime used to seal the Nine-Tailed Fox “I promise Minato-sama that I’ll raise this child as if it were my own” he then turned to the baby who was fast asleep “My little brother…. Naruto.”

Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 Next Last 
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