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Chapter 1:- Almost There
     Almost there.
     Another sign welcomes us to yet another state, the fourth we’ve passed in the last three days.
     “Dad, are we almost there?” my seven-year-old asks, as if reading my mind.
     “Not yet, Tim,” Liam, my husband, answers, his voice free of the weariness I see on my own face in the passenger-side mirror. I couldn’t have kept it from my tone like Liam does, so I’m glad Timmy asked him rather than me. “We’ll be there tomorrow morning, kiddo.”
     For a few minutes, we cruise at seventy miles-per-hour, between yellow lines and rolling greenery towards a new life in relative silence, the only sounds the low drone of the nearly-muted radio and those of high-speed travel.
     The almost-silence is broken by a single, quietly spoken word: “Dad?”
     “Yes, Kate, my darling daughter, apple of my eye?” It’s not exaggeration. Liam dotes on our twelve-year old, especially these days. Seems like it’s all been hardest on her somehow.
     “Did we have to move because you finally got a job?”
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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