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Chapter 1:- Love is Fast

**It was dangerous training with Nuada he used real weapons and one misstep could spell disaster but she had trained with him for about ten years and always tried to match his grace but no mattered how much;she trained that remained to be seen. He moved with the fluidity and grace that had been honed his entire 28 years. He was amazing to watch. His long, golden hair tangled as he utilized gymnastics in his attacks and Kiada just tried not to get hit as the blade zizzed threw the air in its pursuit for her blood but it was having enough difficulty keeping her her focus from his upper body and the way his muscles seemed to pop with precision.

 **He ended their training sessions as he always did with a smile on his lips,"Good." He said through labored voice between his harsh breath.

***Thank you, My Prince." She said as she bowwed her head when she wanted to say something else. She knew how she felt about Nuada and the sight of his sweat glistening off his chest just proved it evan more. She tried not to think about her heartache or how long she had with him. She couldn't think about Nuada in those terms. Soon his stay at the castle would be measured in the number of hours he had left and Kiada wouldn't compromise her thoughts like that when he was right here in front of her eyes.

***He shook his head as always and rolled his golden eyes, "Kiada, how many times must I ask you to call me Nuada?"

"At least once more, My Prince."

"Okay," He spun his sword around,"Today,we will try something else. Something I've never taught you before. "Come over here." He beckoned.

"Why?"She inched towards him; he waited for her to get closer and he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into him. She landed against his chest as his arms reached around her to guide her body though the movements. Her heart was pounding and her breatheing became shallow as she felt his warm breathe danceing across her neck. He reached down and grabbed the spear below her hand and slashed the air infont off her,

"Turn" she turned with him while he jabbed the spear back as Nuada grunted lightly in her ear. His face came nose to nose with her and paused. She wanted to kiss him but she couldn't move or evan blink. She just stood there letting his breath swirl across her face. A sprig of hair dipped down and stung her eye but she couldn't move to brush it away but she didn't have to as she watched him brush it back for her. As his fingers became entangled in her hair she couldn't breathe, when he looked into her eyes, and she never felt a longing this strong before. The urge to reach up on her tiptoes and fix her lips to his was overwhelming, but that would have been highly inappropiate evan if he wasn't betrothed to Lord Calwen's daughter, Annaliese.

***She on the other hand, only knew bits and pieces from her own from her own past,the bits and pieces that King Balor told her anyway, but one thing was certain she wasn't of noble blood.

Kiada," Nuala called causing her to tear her eyes from Nuada's hypnotic stare, "I've been looking everywhere for you. Come with me."She smiled and and grabbed her wrist.



"We're not finished."

"Oh,okay," Nuala shugged and gracefully sat on the grass in the courtyard.

"What are you doing,now?"

"Waiting" Nuada rolled his eyes and raised a hand in surrender, "Fine, Go."

"Yay!" She squealed and popped back up "Like I said come with me."She smiled grabbing her wrist again, "I need your help." She told her as she led her up the stairs out of the training area, but before she went back inside the castle she glanced back at her prince. Was he looking back at her?

Chapters:  1 2 3 Next Last 
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