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Chapter 169:- Footsteps
Suddenly the bell rang.

I glanced up at the clock near the front of the classroom.

It was three.

"Alright everyone," came the voice of my Social Studies professor, "I want you all to read chapter 35 tonight. Tomorrow afternoon we'll be discussing the implications Wilson's policys had on American society then and now."

Standing up and carrying the book from my desk in hand, I made my way with the rest of the class out the door.

The hallways were already packed with students anxious to leave.

Walking down the hallway to my right, I made my way with many others towards the front entrance.

I was tired and glad to be headed home.

Reaching the recently renovated wooden doors, I pushed my way through with the others, the scent of fresh air reaching my nose.

Walking a bit, I stopped and stared up momentarily at the lowering sun.

My eyes winced a bit and I turned my gaze away.

It was still bright.

I'm not sure I expected anything different, but then again, considering how things had begun to change in my life, I wasn't taking chances.

Taking a step forward, I began to walk in the direction of my home.
Chapters: First Prev 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 Next Last 
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