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Chapter 176:- Footsteps
"It's fine if you don't believe me," she said.

Good, because I have no intention of ever doing so.

"Just think of me as any other person," she added, "No different, no less."

Well, that's a bit hard.

It's not like I can erase what's already happened.

But at the very least it sounded like things might start to calm down finally.

Turning around a corner the two of us made our way past the Maid Cafe.

My apartment complex was coming up shortly.

"How much further is your place?" I asked curiously.

"Not far."

I was surprised she had been able to find a place nearby the university. It wasn't something you could accomplish easily.

We continued to walk ahead. Most of the snow from the morning had been cleared away, with any remaining patches covered by the footprints of others.

Approaching the front door to my building, I gave a polite wave, "Will you be able to reach your home alright?"

She nodded.

Turning away, I opened the door and stepped through.
Chapters: First Prev 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 Next Last 
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