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Chapter 182:- Footsteps
"Um," I stared at the man, "Come again?"

"You heard what I said," he growled.

I pointed at Yumi.

"You think...she and I...that were..."

"I think its pretty obvious," a woman in the back spoke.

"N-No no, you've got it all wrong," I sighed, "I hardly know her. She's a stranger to me..."

"Don't talk about her that way just because of a domestic dispute," spoke another man.

"B-But..." I stammered and then turned to Yumi, "Tell them!"

But she said nothing.

"You've hurt her so badly the poor thing can't speak," the woman from before spoke.

Of all the times to choose not to interfere directly in my life, you choose now, sheesh.

"Bring her back in and hug and forget. Nothing is as terrible as we first feel in a fight."

I wanted to continue to protest, but I simply lacked the will.

"I give up," I whispered.

Yumi looked up with a smile.

There was no malice in it, but I really didn't care. By now, I just wanted to end the insanity.

Standing up, she walked inside and I followed soon after.

"See? Now doesn't that feel better?" the man grinned.

"For the last time, she isn't my girlfriend," I sighed and shut the door.
Chapters: First Prev 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 Next Last 
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