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Chapter 196:- To Anyone Who Is Interested Still...
Okay, so maybe you guys haven't figured it out yet even with all of the hints.

I'm the kind of author that needs to hear back from you. Yes, shocking, I know. If I don't hear from you guys, I take it somewhat like you guys don't care or have lost interest.

You're comments matter a lot to me.

Especially when there are certain novels on this site that get comments almost daily. >.<

So, as you know already, this novel hasn't been updated in a while. So this message is directed to all you subscribers and random guests. Do you still care about this story? Do you still want to see more updates?

Please leave comments on this chapter in response.

If I'm going to keep updating this, I need to know that people are still wanting it.

Chapters: First Prev 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 
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