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Chapter 1:- Mercury
I sat quietly on the frozen bench near the iced train station,
Wearing knitted blue gloves that you made for me last year,
While holding a delicate present box with a faint pink ribbon bow beneath the white wrapper.
Beside me laying a white cell phone plugged with a long pair of earphones.
When I am waiting for you,
Nothing could be more enjoyable than the smile you give me when you come back.
Today, too.
Today was unusually white.
The ground was piled up with snow and people's footprints and...
Today's feelings.
Today is where one more love sparkles and glistens.
I tilted my head to see another pairing embarrassingly walk past me,
Their hands locked up by each other's fingers.
When are you coming back?
Where are you?
The candy in my mouth is already melting,
Why are you still not coming?
The soft snow moves from a distance,
Falling off the deep cracks of the stairs.
I twisted my head to look at you,
Trying to give you my most charming smile.
But you weren't looking at me.
You were holding someone's hand and your cheeks were flushed.
I could only stand and see you parting with her unwillingly.
You walked towards me as I lowered my head to prepare my smile,
But tears gathered at the edge of my eyes.
I wiped my tears away,
Because I wanted to say to you while holding the box which contained my little feelings,
"Happy Valentines day!"

Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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