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Chapter 1:- Summer Bliss


Chapter 1

It was July.

She looked at me with a smile on her face.

I smiled back.

It was summer. School was off. I was in complete bliss.

There was nothing better than this.

With her beside me, nothing could go wrong.

"Let's go." I heard myself say.

She nodded.


Official Trailer PV feat. "Aoi" Piano OST Theme Music


The pioneer English cell phone novel is finally published in print and released as a massive 6" x 9" 558 page paperback with stunning illustrations, interior formatting and graphic design on Valentine's Day 2015 by Sakura Publishing, eagerly anticipated by fans and fellow cell phone novelists as a keepsake, fond memories, collector's item and inspirational reading pleasure. It is available now for order from Sakura Publishing and Amazon as of Valentine's Day 2015. For special signing arrangements contact me personally! Amazon and Goodreads reviews will help greatly.

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Secondhand Memories' Youtube video blog special, the book, smartphone cases, coffee mugs, wall clocks, tote bags, throw pillows, t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and more available in the store.

In 2015, Secondhand Memories and I will be participating in anime conventions (perhaps all over North America), collaborating with J-pop musicians, illustrators, animators, and more on future multimedia endeavours. Taking the indie and niche cultural market route, we can use any support! Please contact me if you know of or have any opportunities or ideas!

Originally serialized online in 2008 (Textnovel), Secondhand Memories pioneered the Japanese cell phone novel phenomenon in the English-speaking world, marking a moment in history of a new literary movement among thousands of young writers and readers globally. The remarkably unique fusion of simple haiku-like poetic technique and prose narrative has re-envisioned technology, youth culture, community and literature.


Seiji and Aoi have been inseparable childhood friends and eventually, high school sweethearts. Believing in naive dreams and love, all seems well until a tragedy separates them with a chasm of frozen time. As one struggles with the aftermath, the world moves on, while the other remains still.

Battered by temptation and the pressure to grow up, he discovers that life is more complicated than he thought – and that the heart and mind is quite vulnerable to change. Secondhand Memories is an emotional young adult coming-of-age story: a journey about the meaning of growing up, love, loss and sacrifice.

Video Special (Look inside the published book and content, selfie vlogging, box opening, Skype and moments with international cell phone novelists)



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Intro to Cell Phone Novels Interview/Documentary is here!

Intro to Cell Phone Novels Documentary and Interview. All the info you need about what cell phone novels are, the history of where it comes from and how it started in North America, English cell phone novel literature style, Secondhand Memories, Textnovel, eMobo and more!

PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE this compiled comprehensive source of cell phone novel knowledge and guidance!

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Current Projects

Espresso Love- Contemporary magical-realism literary prose novel

Move「旅」 - semi-autobiography journey of a struggling musician

The Fringe of District 24 - my epic fantasy / sci-fi adventure!

Harbringer's Child - A traditional fantasy epic prose novel

All's Well That Ends Well - apocalypse story

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Please leave me a comment here or send me messages if you'd like, there are many ways to contact me and I would love to hear from readers or fellow authors! Will do my best to reply!

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