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Chapter 1:- Chapter 1
I lifted a dusty wooden box, put it aside, and coughed sharply at the cloud of particles that flew at me.

Jeez, why is mom making me clean the attic like this?

It was a bright Sunday morning, and some friends invited me out for some soccer...but NO, my mom just wouldn’t have it.

And Kara was going too...Damn it! Of all days, Mom, why today!!!!!???

I spent the next 30 seconds thinking about Kara’s lithe, toned, pale-skinned body. Her bouncy blonde hair shimmered as she skipped up to me and leaned in dangerously close, her soft chest pressing into mine. Her eyes looking up into mine seductively, she whispers:

Hey, you wanna play a match? Or...do you wanna play something else...?

My fantasy was interrupted by my mom, complaining from downstairs that she couldn’t hear any noise, so I must not have been cleaning at all.

Tch. Sigh. Maybe next time, Kara...

I put another box on top of the first (slamming it down loudly on purpose) and pushed the stacked pair to the corner of the attic, raising my hand to shield my nose and mouth.

For the past hour, I had been toiling away miserably in this dusty hellhole. I was glad to see that I was almost done.

I moved the remaining furniture and boxes, and began to vacuum around the attic floor.


The vacuum’s piercing sound cut the air, but I paid no attention. I was already daydreaming about the amazing soccer match I watched yesterday on TV.

He shoots! He SCORES! He’s a legend!

In my mind, it was me, instead of the player, making all those crazy moves, scoring that wicked goal. My friends would be congratulating me. Kara would be congratulating me. I smiled inwardly.

Schhrk! Schhrk!

Something hard poked straight into my stomach, pulling me out of my reverie. The vacuum cleaner had gotten stuck on something, and I had kept pushing, so I had walked into the machine’s handle, thus prodding my midsection.


I turned off the vacuum cleaner and leaned down to inspect what was wrong.

I noticed that the tube had bumped up against a section of floorboard that was sticking up. I hadn’t noticed it before because it was hidden under the boxes I had been moving.

I pushed down on the floorboard with my hand, trying to squeeze it back into place.

The floorboard suddenly popped up on the other side, and my hand slipped down into a dusty hole.

Scared, I withdrew my hand quickly and coughed violently at the huge cloud of dust floating out.

I backed up and landed in a sitting position, breathing raggedly.

What the heck...?
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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