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Chapter 1:- today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry

   As the Earth burned up from the blazing sun, the humans needed a place to live in order to save humanity. What is that place? Saturn- the sixth planet from the sun.

    Although it’s been fifty years since the sun burned up Mercury, Venus and Earth, we are still adjusting to this new way of living. It’s a paradise here, unlike it was on Earth. Those living on Earth forgot what clean air is, and clean grass, as well as drinkable water. After Jesus came back to take his people, the Earth was never the same. People were manifested to Saturn and just days later, everyone on Saturn witnessed the most tragic even in history- The Big Explosion. Now, when learning about how the world was created, young ones learn that God made the Big Bang occur and ended the Earth’s life with the Big Explosion. Except that the Big Explosion didn’t terminate the entire universe, only the first three planets, closest to the sun- the planets with the ruined ozone layer.

   Saturn is obviously different now than it was fifty years ago. But Saturn began to change- to evolve- towards the last ten years of the Earth's life. But there were signs of change as soon as Mercury burned up completely and Venus was close to it. Saturn began to rotate faster and it's orbital period was decreased by twenty five percent, to be more that of the Earth's. It's frozen ice soon became water and the news was blasting up, according to my great- grandmother, Hannah. She told me that scientists and astronomers thought of it is one of the biggest discovery and miracle in years. They were talking about life on Saturn.... People were beginning to get the feeling on "the end of the world".  The truth, I think, is that there really wouldn't be life on Saturn is it wasn't for God. And the "end of the world" hasn't come because a new world has been created on Saturn.

   Saturn is a "magical" land where trolls live under bridges and witches stir up your future. Vampires burn in the sun and fairies bring happiness to those who need it most.  Tolls aren’t all nasty… but most are. Witches aren’t bad either; they only have powers that are there to help. Anybody can be a fairy- anybody who is peppy and happy with the ability of making others happy as well. A fairy is a human… not a different species, as are witches. Being a fairy or a witch is considered an ability. Vampires don’t look like humans. They are simply elf-looking things with light blue, almost white skin. They aren’t dangerous... in fact, they are most likely the saddest things on Saturn. They cannot come out into the sun… or their life is over. Vampires are the ones who help us fight. Because of them, diseases are curable. Those diseases, however, that are of the head can only be cured with extreme faith.

   Amongst those are the odd ones, as well. There are the unwanted, loved, hated, and then there are the norms. Even thought Saturn is a good place where everyone is equal, theses things are bound to happen.

   The pests are usually the ones that are unwanted. The trolls are the ones who are despised while the vampires are the ones who are misjudged and humans are either loved, hated or in between.

   I am amongst the ones in the middle. Life is simple for us. We live the normal life of our dreams, just as the others. We have no worries of being trampled by a herd of horses or being taunted by a miserable troll or being bitten by a vampire. It’s usually the nasty people and creatures who are bitten by a vamp- called a Wake Up Call to be nice; a bite doesn’t permanently hurt them.

   I can see outside the window of my History class that the gym class is going inside. The sun is also shining right onto my desk the way it always does when it is soon time to go home. I look at my watch. It is 3:20 pm. Ten more minutes, I think. Ten more minutes until the bell rings, then there is still a twenty minute evening mass. Oh, this day is going by so slowly.

   Ms. Harvey walks up the isle, forcing me to pay attention. The breeze she created made me shiver and it wasn’t just that. It was her smell that quivered my body. She doesn’t smell like perfume or like a troll smells. Trolls have a very sweet smell that would remind one of caramel. I cannot describe Ms. Harvey’s aroma.

   She abruptly stops at my desk and stands with her hands behind her. “Maxx, can you tell us the period of time when the Earth was getting hotter?”

   Yes, I'm a girl not a boy. I refuse to dwell on my name.

   I look up at her. Her big green eyes and long blond lashes are taunting me. Give me the answer or you will be sorry, they screamed at me. I try to ignore my hallucinations and answer my teacher. “Yes, it was the time of Global Warming and it lasted for five hundred and ninety two years, starting in the late nineteen hundreds."

   She gawks at me the same way she has since September. The stare she gives me is of clear hatred and... well, hatred. Personally, I think that that's all that woman feels.

   As she walks back to the front of the class, she looks behind her shoulder and glares at me another time. Are you done yet, Ms. Poop? I think. What have I ever done to her? I came into class on the first day of school and quietly sat in an open desk and as soon as she saw me, she gave me that look. Is she a troll? Maybe she’s an undercover troll. Or maybe she is an undercover vampire- she works for the vampires in finding bad people and she thinks I’m a bad person. I don’t think I’m a bad person, not bad enough to have to be bitten. Maybe she is some kind of unknown species… or maybe she just hates me.

   I lean back in my desk and resume looking out the window. The thing is, I can't concentrate. Everybody's annoying voices are busting my buzz.

   "Ugh! They really need to make mass more interesting," Ella complains.

   "Oh shut up! Don't complain," I hear Libby respond. "You should be kissing Jesus’ feet for taking your great grandma here instead of letting her die on Earth! You wouldn't be here, otherwise. Now stop complaining or I WILL kick you."

   I love that girl!

   I must say that she is the only person I would ever consider being friends with. Although I'm perfectly happy with having Caden for a friend and sitting with him on the grass, behind the bushes during lunch.  We’ve been best friends since we met in Kindergarten when we were finger painting and I dipped my finger into the same blue paint as he did. I remember that I quickly pulled my hand away, unintentionally splashing paint on his shirt. I looked up at him and saw a mad, but cute face. I remember (I will never forget this) how my stomach became hollow. “Excuse me, but that is a new shirt that my father just bought me! Thank you very much for making it dirty! You are a mean little girl, you know that?” he had said. I distinctly remember thinking, nerd. Despite my opinion of the class nerd, I then took the paint and spread it all over my left arm and on my dress. “You happy? Now we’re even,” I said and walked away. Apparently, our teacher saw the entire scene and forced us to sit in the corner together and work this out. I never saw that there was anything to figure out… but in those twenty minutes that everyone else got to play with puzzles (never something I enjoyed), we became friends. He didn’t have any friends at school. Whenever I saw him on the playground, he was always swinging on the swings or talking with a teacher. If not that, he was reading. He read a lot. Until I became his friend, he was always alone.

   Anyway, when the bell finally rings, I wait until everyone else gets out. Today, however, I decide never to do this again. It’s because Ms. Harvey comes to my desk and slaps my essay titled “The Big Explosion Needs a New Name”. When I look down, I see a big fat C on the front. I think that I am a descent writer… but she doesn’t feel the same on that matter as I do. Maybe it was the topic that she didn’t appreciate. I don’t bother arguing with her about my grade because I know she will only make matters worse. People like this should not be living on this wonderful planet. People like her will start global warming again and where will we go then? Pluto? Nope, because Pluto is too small.

   I head out of the room and Caden is waiting for me like he always does. I look at him and he knows everything already. “That woman needs to be punched,” he says.

   “Hard. Until she’s on the ground, rolling around. Begging God to make her good.”

   “Maybe you're special,” Caden exclaims after a few minutes of walking to the church in silence. “Maybe… you’re some super human and she wanted to be one so she hates you! But you just don't know that. Yup, I’m a genius.”

   I look at him… well, more like stare. His blue eyes remind me of a little baby. I must admit that I’ve always had a little crush on him. I never told him because he’s my best friend and my assumption is that if he knew, something bad would happen: doesn’t want to be my friend, awkwardness, etc. I don’t know what it is about him, but it’s always made me happy. His snow white hair? I do love his hair, I’ve told him that. His baby face? He is adorable, and I’ve told him that too. Altogether he’s just a great person in every way.

   “Stop starring at me."

   I shake out of my daze and hurriedly stop when I notice that I am in the crowd of students piling into the church. The church is one of my favorite places to be. The serenity of it makes it so much easier to think and the presence of God is so much more [evident].

   The church has crystal windows where the wall meets the ceiling. The Stations of the Cross are around the big room and a lantern is hung between each of the stones. The church is rather huge. It fits the entire school easily- preschool through twelfth grade. I’ve always liked going to a school where all the kids from a certain area go to one school.

   Caden and I have never sat with our freshman class when going to mass. We always went over to the junior section where his sister was. The teachers don’t really care where you sit; they tell you to sit with them anyway.

   By the time of the second reading, I was gone. This always happened. I try to listen to the very interesting things that the people have to say from the Bible, but my mind has a mind of it’s own- if that makes sense. It’s beyond my control. My attention lingers off somewhere into the land of thoughts somewhere in my brain. Caden is a good person to have close by at times like these. He gets my attention away from my thoughts and back at the alter.

   Before I know it, it’s time for Communion and the mass is almost over.

* * * * *

   The rest of the evening after school is, well, very normal. My mom is making dinner while my dad is mowing the lawn. Vincent is playing soccer with our cousin Maddie and our new puppy- his name is still undecided because he was a surprise today when the two of us came home from school.

   My mother is a spiritual person who believes that with everything there comes a reason by which has been decided by God. Although she is my mom, she isn't my birth mom. Yes, she has wavy blond hair while mine is pitch black and curly. Yup, there is no way she is my mother. The same thing goes with my skin. Mine is dark-ish; everyone else's in my family is vanilla pigmented.

   The thing is that I know that I am adopted; my parents told me from the very beginning. There aren't a lot of us who are adopted. There really aren't many reasons, so I consider myself to be quite special.

   I didn't  have to find out the hard way or ask or have to be told in an awkward and sad conversation. I always knew what my birth parents looked like and who they were. I say were because I'm pretty sure that they are dead by now.

   My mom had beautiful dark skin- from her Persian and African American heritage- and the same hair as mine while my dad was fifty percent Japanese, which makes for an interesting mix.

   But I was born when my mom was in her fifties and my birth only made her health worse. She never went to see a vampire or a doctor, for some fanatical reason. She was also suicidal so...

   My parents, evidently decided, before I was born, that they weren't ready to be parents- especially in their old age. So as soon as I was born, Carolyn and Kenneth became my parents. My birth parents(Julia and John) and my parents were close friends before my birth mom ad birth dad moved away to the other side of the planet.

   Anyway, back to my wonderful, normal evening. I was lying on the grass finishing up my math homework while listening to my ipod- yes, they still have ipods now. I can't concentrate on finding polynomials. I'm mostly thinking about History and comparing the 21st century with now. I realize that the lifestyle isn't too different. I remember learning last week that when the recession in America in 2009 seemed like it would never end, it eventually did a year later. What I think was always the problem on Earth was that there were continents and countries and states and so on. It was bringing the world apart and money always seemed to be a problem... well my theory is that the reason for that was because of the world being separated.

   Nowadays, there are no countries nor presidents or prime ministers or mayors- non of that.  There are "countries" on the map to be able to distinguish where you are and all of that. There are "cities" and "streets" simply for direction purposes. The only "ruler" on this planet is Jesus. God is there too, but Jesus is physically here while God is spiritual. 

   I finish another problem and continue to think. This time, I'm comparing my ipod to the ones that my great grandparents told me about before they died. The ipods today look pretty much the same except that they are a little thinner and come in different sizes. The things you can do with an ipod differ slightly today. The ipods can check temperatures and are waterproof as well as have wireless TV. There are even more technical ones coming out but I don't know much about those. Computers are mostly the same, as well as cars- no there are no hover cars. The only difference about cars is that they can run on solar powered electricity or wind. These cars were made so that the same thing doesn't happen to Saturn as to Earth- with the whole ozone layer disaster.

   As I switch the song, Jesus appears on my screen- another cool app that I got on my ipod; immediate breaking news. He says, "I was coming out to wish everyone a happy dinner and a good weekend. I will be holding a teaching in Hazel at St. Constance church this Sunday at three in the afternoon."

   Then I hear my mom calling for me (and apparently she had been doing this for quite some time considering the fact that she was calling me by my actual name). "Maxxine! Come in this house right now. I know you can hear me!"

   But the thing is, I couldn't hear her until I took off my earphones when I thought I heard thunder. Turns out, it was actually my mom- not that her voice sounds like thunder, just that that was that first thing that came into my head; I don't know what I was thinking.

   When I get in the house, everyone is sitting at the island, eating ravioli- my mom's specialty. They all looked at me as if ir was so odd for me to come into my own home a little later than the rest of them. When I sit down in my usual chair, they resume their conversation and go back to eating their meal.

   The next few minutes go by quickly and soon, I am standing in front of the kitchen sink washing the dishes as a "punishment" for not getting into the house on time and eating with everyone else. Oh great, that is something that I should be punished for. Totally.

   I finish the dishes and head to my room which is in the corner of the hallway where the four bedrooms are.  My room is rather small, but full of sun shine. Two windows are in the middle of two of the four walls. It's painted my favorite color- very light yellow- with words and phrases scattered on the walls.

   i sit on my bed below the windows and stare at the wall across from me. The only furniture in the midst of my wonderland of words are two bookshelves and a dark dresser in the middle of them. On the other wall- not where the door is and the bookshelves and dresser or not where my bed is- is my little glass desk with a small lamp and a book on it and my dad's ipad. You could say that regular desktop computers have pretty much been extinct. Now, people have laptops and ipads. And not most people, but everyone because there aren't "classes"  like there used to be.  You can simply "buy" anything you need or want and you don't need to pay for it because, well, "paying" has also been extinct. One would think that a problem would emerge out of people just getting everything they want, but that would be a wrong assumption. God will know, just like any other day that the universe has been, is someone should or shouldn't own something. If they shouldn't , then officials will take it away or give you "spending tickets" which are like money. I like the system.

   Okay, so I was actually thinking about my room, starring at the wall. The phrases and words are all written in cursive penmanship and my favorite quote would have to be "Only a life living for others is worth living" by Einstein. Some of the others in my room are: "What's meant to be will always find its way", "Love Never Fails, 1 Corinthians 13:8" and more which I will mention later.

   The most meaningful quote to me is: "All I ever wanted". That one is kind of my life, I think. For one, this wonderful life on Saturn is all that anyone could ever possibly want. Second, one day, there will be one thing in my life that will really be all that I ever wanted and it will be even better than living "alone". I'm not technically alone because I have my family and Caden, but I'll realize one day, something more.                                                                                                   

I recognize the knocking on my door to be Vincent's. He knocks three times quickly and barges in without waiting for an answer. "I'm here!" he exclaims. In his arms is out puppy trying to get loose. "You get the honor of naming him. Maggie's gone home and I've got homework to do and crap so I don't want the mut bothering me. Kay?"

   “Don’t call him that. Or I’ll name him Markus.”

   “I’ll kill you if you do,” is his response. I know that his biggest pet peeve is when dogs are named a “proper” name.

   Okay, well go do your homework.”

   He sets the baegel on my bed and heads out the door. As soon as the door shuts, I get to  thinking of what to name the adorable puppy on my bed.

"Looks like it's just you and me, pup. What do you want your name to be?" I get up and take the dog with me to the floor- in case he were to urinate, it would be on the hardwood instead of my bed. "Do you like the name... Bentley? How about Muse? Oh, I know! Muffin! Yup, I'll name you Muffin," I say sarcastically, frustrated. I can't think of the perfect name for this perfect puppy. I look at him and his eyes are starring at me. There is nothing like getting puppy eyes from a real puppy. I pick him up into my arms and hug him. "Aww! You're so cute! But Muffin is not the name for you.... Do you like Muse?" He barks, adorably when I say that name. "Okay, Muse is number one at the moment... actually, Muse is your name." I don't want to do this anymore. Muse as good for me as it is for the dog- he doesn't really even care.

   The evening quickly turned into night, and Muse ended up sleeping in my bed. He was curled up in a ball in the foot of my bed. It was a peaceful sleep with him there.

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