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Chapter 1:- Truths

Readers: A prologue and Chapter 1 have been omitted from this online sample. Please read from Chapter 2 for a sample, or contact the author by visiting his blog at www.KAlanAuthor.tk .

Synopsis of prologue and Chapter 1:

Disgusted with talks of reconciliation between Cuba and the USA, a celebrated revolutionary General defies his country's new President to visit some kind of a threat onto American soil. In order to avoid detection while traveling, the General orders the device to be encased in a substance dense and thick enough to thwart X-Rays.

Enter The Pin Punishers, an affronting but innocent bowling team who take part in a county league from Provo, Utah. The trouble begins when Gil Chetney, an arrogant but injured former professional bowler, uses his signature shot to bring down the General outside of the Starlite Lanes, while he is trying to steal a bowling ball. This thwarts an attempt by two strangers to recover the ball from the General, and they are unable to intervene when Deputy Deepak Nirjandi, another member of the team, arrests the General and turns him over to the Provo Police.

With the scene set, please enjoy the complete text of the following chapters of Starlite Lanes: We Bowl for Democracy.

Chapters:  1 2 3 4 Next Last 
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