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Chapter 1:- Chapter One
Chapter 1: - Chapter One

Lucy lay cold, motionless, and in the fetal position in her bed.

The news they had received seemed unreal.
Lucille Alexanderia Campbell was barren.
She thought saying it to herself would make it seem more real, but it didn't. Something inside of her kept telling her that it couldn't be true. There's no way it was possible for her husband to have the ability to kick, punch her and throw her against the wall enough to make her barren.

It had been two weeks since the doctor told her she couldn't have children. While at the hospital, Andrew had been sympathetic and comforting but she knew it was an act. He had known how badly she wanted children. She had talked about it all through the four years that they had been married. She lived her life hoping so much that one day they'd have a house full of children. It wasn't always as bad as it had been between them. He wasn't always abusive. The abuse hadn't started until two years into their marriage. She was sure having a baby would make him see how great of a mother she'd be, and he'd stop hitting her. Besides, she knew his triggers. She'd simply stop pressing.
Andrew had assured her, while they were at the hospital, that they would just adopt.

"We'll look into adoption agencies tomorrow morning, Sweetheart. I promise." He had told her. He then patted and rubbed the top of her head.

That morning never came.
As soon as they had gotten back home, he went back to his study to work and she went on feeling detached and as if she was simply a piece of furniture he kept around to look at from time to time.
All she felt like doing was sleep. Things were so much different now. If she was conscience, she would have to see him. She would have to dodge the snippy remarks he made to her, she would have to dodge his fist if he happened to get aggravated at someone at work and decided to take it out on her. It never occurred to her to leave. She'd be lying if she said the idea didn't cross her mind after getting the news that Dr. Slone had given them just a couple weeks before.
She told herself that she stayed because she loved him. She had always read about men and women who abuse the love out of their partners, but she didn't understand how that could be true if the person really loved them.
He just needed help, she always told herself. He just needed time after work to unwind after a day at a very stressful Law firm. He needed a wife who understood his needs and didn't question them. He needed someone there to be understanding and supportive. Not someone who hounded him daily about spending time with her or about petty decisions like what he wanted for dinner.

She felt different now and she didn't want to. No wife wants to wake up one day and realize she feels differently about her husband. That wasn't the reason Lucy had gotten married. She had gotten married because she had finally, at the age of 24, found the man who she fell head over heels in love with. But he had taken her ability to have a baby away from her. She didn't know if she could ever forgive him for that and she knew that wasn't healthy.
The past couple of weeks, being back home, nothing had changed. He hadn't been abusive, but they hadn't talked. They hadn't been intimate. They had simply co-existed and that was the extent of it.
She closed her eyes, wearily and rested them for what she meant to only be a moment. In no time, the exhaustion of the last few weeks had caught up with her and she was fast asleep.
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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