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Chapter 10:- Tell
"If it doesn't work out."
I repeat it.
That would mean, Kyuushi and I...
I can't imagine.

"It would be so weird.
It IS weird already."

"Then tell him."

Do I want to tell him that?
Whithout even giving it-
giving him a chance?

I sigh.
"I wish it could be like it always was."

"Well, we all grow up.
Technically, at least."
He's teasing me again,
but this time,
I only lean my head on his shoulder.

"...how did that happen anyway?"
"I thought Kyuushi told you."
"He didn't go much into detail."

I look at him with a frown.
He can't hold his grin in.
"You know I always want to know
all the dirty secrets!"

"It was not dirty."
My cheeks feel very warm,
as warm as the ground I had been dozing on,
some hours ago.
And I tell him.
Chapters: First Prev 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Next Last 
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