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Chapter 11:- Perfect
I tell him of the bell that ended our lesson.
Of the heat that hit us when we left the school.
Of the sunlight so strong we could not leave our eyes open.

Kyuushi turned to me.
"You wanna see the spot
I told you about?"
"Sure! It's full of sunflowers,
isn't it? And you said
there was a small opening?"

"Yeah, a field of sunflowers,
and there's something like a clearing
not far from the road.
But it's very well hidden."
"I wanna see!"

He laughed his wide,
open, brilliant
and so very Kyuushi-like smile.
"Then get on!"

I climbed on his bycicle behind him.
He took me all the way up the slope,
until the field was on our left,
and the small valley
in which our town is
on the right.

"The sight is amazing!"
"Just wait until you see the spot
I wanna show you!"

I couldn't wait then,
and I felt that this day
would surely be perfect.
Chapters: First Prev 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Next Last 
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