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Chapter 12:- Heavy
Kyuushi made his way through the sunflowers,
clearing a path for me.
The deeply green plants
with their brightly yellow heads
grew so high that sunlight and shadows flashed before my eyes.

Then, all my sight was dazzled
both by the light and the sight.

We had reached a small clearing,
full of wild flowers
and weeds
and herbs.

Their scent mixed with the smell
of the heated ground,
and engulfed us completely.

Brimstone butterflies lazily fluttered
from blossom to blossom.

"Kyuushi, it's perfect!
Just how did you find this?"


I fell back and lay down,
closed my eyes
and enjoyed the blazing sunshine.

"This is the nicest place ever",
I said to the sky.

I heard Kyuushi sit down beside me,
and felt my head going dizzy.
He said something,
but I didn't really catch what it was.

I was falling asleep.
I felt some dreams
lingering at the brink of my mind,
but they did not become clear.

All was warm.
All was soft.
All went heavy.

I opened my eyes,
and directly stared at Kyuushi's closed eyelids.
Chapters: First Prev 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Next Last 
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