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Chapter 15:- Colours
The bed cloth rustles
as I indecisively stand up.

What am I to do about today?
I look at my book shelves,
full with romance stories,
and thin novels,
and girlish comics.

Hundreds and hundreds of plots,
speaking about love and tragedy.
Of friends that love each other and get together,
and of friends that love each other but do not get together.
Difficult protagonists.
Funny protagonists.

All kinds of people penned up on a few pages.

Kyuushi would be the easygoing type.
And I probably would be the shy type.
Those get together well in the stories.

But my life is not a story.
Does it make a difference?
If I behave like a heroine,
will my life be like a novel?

I open my cupboard, and take out my green dress.
I will wear my white sandals,
and a yellow hairclip.

Green and white and yellow,
like sunflowers reaching into puff clouds.
Chapters: First Prev 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Next Last 
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