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Chapter 16:- Early
I go down the stairs,
slowly, and silently
and enjoy being up so early.

The house is still dark
and quiet
and through the closed curtains,
only little stripes of light fall onto the floor.

The kitchen even still feels a little bit cool.

I set my bare feet on the white tiles
and enjoy the soft and glazed surface.
The fridge hums softly as I open it.

There is the milk and banana ice-cream I made yesterday,
before mum chased me and Shigure out,
in the freezer.

I take it out, and lick it.
The strong taste of milk and banana sweeps over my tongue,
and the overwhelming cold makes my mouth go numb.

Being able to eat ice-cream the first thing in the morning,
this is one of the best things about the heat,
one of the best things about waking up before everyone else,
one of the best things about summer.

I wonder if even the streets might be empty.

I walk out of the kitchen,
and slip into my sandals,
and open the door,
and go out.
Chapters: First Prev 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Next Last 
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