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Chapter 29:- Night
From my window, I watch the sun set fully.
The last rays touch the underside of the clouds,
and leave a burning trail of colours.

The pink glow, the light of the sun,
they linger and refuse to die.
Then, the night comes and hunts them down.
Slowly, the colours fade,
until only a faded yellow contains the barrier
between light and night.

Normally, seeing the stars come out makes me happy.
Today, it doesn't.

I wish the rising moon would tell me what to do.
I ask the stars for advice.

In the end, I accept defeat
at their silence.

The night-time crickets are the only ones
who make a sound.

Thinking of his face I allow them to lull me to sleep.
Chapters: First Prev 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 Next Last 
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