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Chapter 31:- Inattentiveness

I shield my face with my hand.
The sun is still so harsh and bright
that I need to squint to see.
Just being outside for this short while
has left my body feel burned.

I feel sweat starting to cling to my skin,
tiny sticky droplets collecting,
until they start running down my back.

It feels gross

I start to resent the heat.

“It feels like we’re in a desert,”
Kyuushi says.
He has waited for me on the corner.

I can see that under his shirt and shorts
he’s just as sweaty as I am.

“Let’s go somewhere cool.”

The only cool place is the convenience store.
I look around as we walk there.

The decorations for the festival are everywhere.
Banners and lanterns
flags and the wooden stalls
all creating an atmosphere of expectation.

“Wanna go together?”

It feels weird that he’s asking.


I remember only after I said it
that others will be there to see us.

Too late to take it back, I curse my own inattentiveness.

Chapters: First Prev 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 Next Last 
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