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Chapter 32:- Not so bad
The convenience store is cool,
almost cold.

The aircon blows against the bare skin
on my arms
and my legs
and makes me shiver.

Kyuushi sighes in relief.

We go to the magazine stand
and start flipping through pages
careful to not appear loitering.

"What will you wear?"

I say nothing for a bit.

Our conversations seem to have become
and increasingly awkward.

I feel bad about it.

"I have a new yukata."
He nods.
"What colour?"
I realise he wants to match me.
That makes me grin.

"It's pink," I say
unable to keep the teasing out of my voice.

Kyuushi groans,
and then we're both laughing,
as if nothing ever happened between us.

I wonder if we will keep swaying like this,
awkward and carefree,
I wonder if it is normal.

Laughing with him feels good,
and I find myself thinking
that maybe the festival won't be so bad after all.
Chapters: First Prev 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 Next Last 
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