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Chapter 33:- Natural
Our laughter seems to has strengthened me.
"My Obi is yellow and orange though,"
I say.

I smile at Kyuushi,
and then, suddenly,
I feel shy and look down.

He seems to understand.

"Thank you."
His voice is warm
making me even more flustered.
I can't do anything but nod.

We stand in silence for a bit,
until we notice the shopkeeper staring at us.
We know he'll throw us out soon.

"Want a drink?"
I nod again,
but my mind is elsewhere.

Thoughts of colour-coordinated clothes
within bright scenes of a festival
swirl in my mind.

I choose a lemonade from the fridge.
I say nothing as Kyuushi pays for it.
As we walk side by side out of the store,
walking next to him, with the lemonade paid for me
by my boyfriend
feels surprisingly natural.
Chapters: First Prev 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 Next Last 
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