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Chapter 4:- Home
Down the hill,
then down the slope,
till we reach the verge of our Hometown.

The yellow-and-sand-colored brickwalls
fit the temperature and the sunshine,
it's so hot that nearly nobody is out.

Only some workmen,
preparing the streetlights for the festival.
Banners are hung from the overcrossing,
pennants are stuck into flowerboxes.

The baker in her shop waves at us.

The owner of the small corner shop
is discussing his prices with some granny.

Some small sparrows flutter in the treetops
of fenced in maple trees.

Down the street and then left,
we reach our houses,
standind right next to each other.

He tries again.

Still not wanting to hear,
I throw a "Bye, Kyuushi" at him,
and then flee into the house,
back to the comforting safety of childhood,
back to where nothing unforeseen
or weird ever happens.
Chapters: First Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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