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Chapter 8:- Planned
"You're already back? Jeez, Risa!
What a boring girl you are
to do housework in your free time!"

I shudder.

His voice sounds exactly right,
casual, funny, teasing.

I realize that my brother is a good liar, too.

"I warn you.
I'm the master of the ice cream,
and you won't get any if you don't stop!"
I can only hope
that I sound as convincing as he does.

He sinks to the floor.
"Oh no! The fear I feel!
What a horrid menace!
There is no defence to that!
I am lost!"

I can't help but laugh.
He crawls to me on his knees.
"I beg your forgiveness!"

"Shigure, get up already!
I don't want to wash your trousers again!"
In spite of her strict voice,
mom is also smiling.
She's glad that we still get along,
even though we're so different.

My brother stands up, and grins down on me.
"Risa can do it. Since she's so fond
of doing housework now.
We should hurry and find her a proper husband."

I hit him on his arm.

"My, you! Get out already!
I'll finish this alone!"
Mom hates it if we hit each other.

We obey, and as we go out
I can see that this is what Shigure
had planned from the very beginning.
Chapters: First Prev 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Next Last 
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