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Chapter 1:- Waking Up
Amy clenched her eyes shut until they began to tingle from the pressure. The cold floor beneath her meant she'd fallen out of bed again. And the warm air around her meant her family had been awake for hours. She strained her ears for sounds of life downstairs, but it was quiet. After a moment, she thought they could have gone out somewhere. Amy assumed the store. Which meant she had the house to herself! She opened her eyes and sat up, looking very much like a Meerkat.

And screamed.

She was not in her room. She was not in her house. She was nowhere she had ever been before. It looked like a cathedral. Was this a cathedral? It was a very dark one if it was.

The high black ceilings were very Gothic with slender arches and spindled fingers of dark metal. The walls had thin, inset columns—more akin to huge drips off of a giant black candle. She appeared to be sitting on the black marble floor of a great hall. On occasion, light would reflect off of some hidden mirror, and gold lights glowed from the walls and ceiling.

"Do you like it?"

Amy turned in her seat on the floor, to see a boy her age with black hair and dark eyes. He wore the veriest of a smile, and his arms were crossed over his chest. He was dressed in an unbuttoned white collared shirt, a plain white undershirt, and black slacks. His feet, like hers, were bare.

"Like it?" Her mouth was dry from sleep, so her voice cracked like a teenage boys.

The boy's mouth turned into a full smile—a very nice one.

Amy was aware she was not wearing any make up. But he didn't seem to notice, and bent to one knee beside her. "Yes, do you like it? It's very elegant, isn't it?"

"Oh. Sure, really elegant..."

"But you don't like it?" His eyes narrowed in mock suspicion.

"It's just very dark." She swallowed a strange knot of guilt.

"I suppose it is. But don't be scared—you get used to it, you know."

She didn't respond, but tugged, without effect, on her boxer shorts.

"Let's get you up off the floor." He stood as if propelled by wind and took her hands, pulling her up. He looked her over, rolling his head to one side and smiling.

"Robert!" Came a girl's voice from out of sight.

The boy let go of Amy's hands and stepped away from her. And a minute later, a girl appeared from some secret door. She was very short and had short bobbed black hair. But most noticeable was her nightgown. It was very elegant and delicate. She paused when she saw Amy.

"Oh, I didn't know someone new was here, Robert. She must have arrived only a little while ago."

The girl hurried across the expansive room, the light slap of her bare feet echoing. She caught Amy's hand in hers and started to shake it with vigor.

"I'm Helen. What's your name?"


"Nifty! How old are you?"

"18—what's with the—" She was still shaking her hand.


Robert rested a hand on Amy's shoulder, "Helen's from the 1920's."

"1932." Helen still shook her hand.

Amy tugged her hand free, "The twenties?!"

"1932, but yeah." Helen nodded, a light smile dappling her cheeks.

"I don't understand."

"Oh, it'll make sense later. But right now we've got to get everyone else here so we can take care of you."

Amy looked towards Robert, but he was already gone. She hadn't even felt his hand move away.

Helen placed a hand around Amy's arm and turned her away, "Oh, it's Jake. He's gone to get everybody."

"I thought his name was Robert."

"Oh, it is. Jake is just slang for 'fine' and the like. You'll get used to it."

Robert appeared a little while later with five others. They were all around the same age as Amy, but in various styles of dress.

"Amy, this is Toku, Danny, Reed, Niki, and Jacqueline. Everybody, this is Amy!"

"Hi." Amy waved once and dropped her hand. She started to rub her hands against the sides of her boxers, trying to keep her palms dry.

Helen let go of Amy and flocked the newcomers into a small huddle. Robert remained near Amy, his arms folded. His face was guarded, less open than before.

"Um, Robert, right? So, what's going on?"

Robert looked at her and smiled, "Things are confusing, I know, but you're not dreaming. And you won't be going home again. And of anyone you'll meet here, it's not any of our faults that you're here."

"And here is...?"

He gestured at nothing, "Nowhere any of us know anything about. There doesn't seem to be a name for it, or any kinds of maps in the cathedral. There aren't any distinguishing landmarks outside, and at night the sky has no constellations anyone has ever recognized."

"Okay..." Amy glanced at Helen. "And the 1920's thing?"

"We're all from different times and places, though not everyone remembers their own past. Actually, only a few people here do. Helen is from New York in the twenties. Jacqueline is from the seventies in California. We know Toku is from Japan, and he came here a short time ago. Of course, we aren't sure exactly what year it was or how old he is."

"And you? You don't know?"

Robert shrugged and ran a hand through his thick hair.

"You sound British."

"So I've been told." He glanced at the group, who seemed to look at the pair more and more as they whispered together.

"But you don't know?"

"No." He said with sudden impatience and walked over, standing in front of her, blocking the group. He began to speak in a low voice, "Look, there are some other things you need to know."

"Filled her in, yet?" Helen appeared like an unwanted guest.

Robert cracked his jaw, "Not quite."

Helen cocked her head at Amy, "We're monsters."

"Monsters." Amy furrowed her brow.

Helen nodded like a bobble head.

"What do you mean by monsters?"

One of the girls she'd just met, Niki, spoke with a Ukrainian accent, "Zmey."

"Ryuu," Toku said through a thick Japanese accent.

"Ormr," added Danny.

Amy didn't understand, though, and looked to Robert. And wished she hadn't. Robert looked stony and frightening, but didn't move until Helen burned her gaze into him. Then he took a step towards Amy, and narrowed his eyes, morphing her face into a more sinister appearance.

"Dragons." His voice came out dead panned, yet snapping like a whip.

Then a burst of horrible, acrid smelling, black fire filled the room and surrounded her. Amy screamed and covered her head, falling to her knees.

Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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