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Chapter 1:- 1
"Mamma. Where are you taking me? Why are you not coming with me? Wheres papa?" There was a little girl who looked not even 10 crying to a lady. The little girl had a crown on her head and her hair color, it was fading light brown to gold.
"Darling, my darling Princess. We can not save you from them darling. You are not destined to be with those horrible people. They do not know where you will go and we will send Lillian with you, to protect you, to watch over you. Just know that mamma and papa will always love you." A sound from outside the door startled the lady. "It is time for you to go my darling," she kissed the little girls head. "When the time is right we will come for you but for now your memory must be erased and you must forget about who you are. Soon you will remember. Take care my lovely child. Lillian, take care of yourself also." With that the caretaker picked up the child and went through a door. The child screamed and screamed.
The girl who dreamed of the memory was screaming in her bed. She was no more then 15 years. A lady came in to the room to calm her down.
"Shh darling shh. Its okay now shh," The lady said some type of spell to have the little girl go back to sleep. "Princess, it is not time for you to remember yet. Just wait, soon the Queen will come for you. But until then you must not remember." The lady left the room and went down to the kitchen. There was a fairy flying about waiting for the lady to return.
"I have come from the Queen to see how the Princess is doing." Said the Fairy.
"She has started to remember that night. This is the 10th time I have had to put the sleeping spell on her so she could remember it as a dream the next morning and forget about it." She told the fairy. After a while the fairy left and the house was quite again.

Its time to go boss." Matt, one of my crew members, radioed in.
"Copy that, set out formation and send in back up. Be prepared for anything that could happen. Understood."
"Yes sir." They answered back after I gave them their orders.
The mission went without fail. Criminal caught and one less drug dealer off the streets and not trafficking women or kidnapping little girls to traffic.

As the day went on and papers were being filled out my mind was soon to explode. Being 23 and the youngest secret agent the firm has ever hired and to lead a mission had a big effect on the body and mind. Having a killer body complete with a beautiful face doesn't really help with my line of work that well, I'm never taken seriously by either co-workers or criminals. The only people who do know how fearful I am are my team members. All 45 of them are scared to the bones when I mean business. Everything has to be perfect on the job. One mistake and they know I would leave them to fend for themselves in the middle of the Arctic ocean and have them dig their own grave, for if they mess up, they all die and I would need a new team. Just because my light brown hair, light tanned skin and unique green eyes give off a nice kind vibe doesn't mean I can't blow your head off with my gun. Some people say I look Asian and White because my skin is not pale but not too tanned but honestly I don't know what race I am.

On my way home made sure I had Lillian buy groceries. She was my nanny ever since I was little. I'm not sure who my parents were but if they didn't want me it was fine, I had Lillian with me. Sure you might think a nanny or caretaker at my age is pointless but she is the only family I have.

Chapters:  1 2 3 Next Last 
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