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Chapter 1:- Log 1: 8/31/2035

Translated from Korean

Dear diary,

   As of today I am ten years old.  Momma tells me I am now a man. 

 I don't believe her but I try my hardest to be the man she wants me to be anyway. We need one

now with daddy gone all the time.
But it's hard. Especially today. I can't let the little ones see me cry.
I can't let them know that I broke down when I felt grandmama's hand grow cold.
That I had to be dragged away from her body kicking and screaming.
It has been a terrible birthday. And tomorrow I must leave like daddy.

You see, I've been chosen for a new kind of school. A school that has a special wall. I don't really understand.
This article explains better than I do:


East Korea Tribune 

                     The Wall Project Has Officially Begun!

This morning, with the cutting of the ribbon, New World Academy, the very first SMART school, has officially opened.

If everything goes as planned this will be the first school in a long line of many in the U.N.'s latest attempt to improve education on an international level.

The new program, affectionately dubbed 'The Wall Project' by the media, pairs up two schools from a first world nation and a developing country.

The schools are taught side by side via a computerized SMART Wall.

The Wall visually connects the two schools and allows the teacher (who comes from the country with the better education system) to teach both at the same time.

Thus the children (ten from each country) will recieve an exceptional education and be exposed to an entirely different culture.

Hopefully, by teaching the leaders of tomorrow, the program will encourage globalization, promote developing countries, and maybe even lead to the beginnings of world peace.

Students will start arriving late Monday afternoon to meet their American counterparts.

This will be a highly publicized event open for the whole world to see. Watch it all unfold on EKB National News.




Since the school is in New Seoul momma, the little ones, and I will leave early tomorrow morning for the long train ride into the city.
I already have what few things I own packed. Some clothes, my new school uniform, a picture of daddy, and -once I'm done writing this- my new e-diary.

Now I should go to bed, I think I might have woken Sae-Hee.

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