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Chapter 1:- Everyday life
My name is Seth, and I am currently robbed of my freedom. My love has been ripped away from my arms. Those in power shoved me in this cage called prison to keep me from my love. I will use the small amount of freedom I have in form of paper and pen to tell those who read this my truth.

My life is an average one. I work in one of those big companies that could care less whether their employees live or die. It's like a beehive, and I am no more than a worker bee who can be easily forgotten/ easily replaced.

I live with my roomate Mike in a 2 bedroom apartment. I've known this guy since college. Living with him is like a breath of fresh air in this monotone life. He's an aspiring singer, always looking for that "Lucky Break." Because of that, I often have to pay his share of the rent, but....egh.
I don't mind.

Every day for the past 2years I have had this routine:
1.Wake up. Get ready
2.Go to the Coffee Shack get a Caramel Frappuccino
3.Catch the train to work
4.Work for 8 soul sucking hours
5.Catch the train home
6.Finally at home
7.Relax chatting it up with Mike
8.Sleep then repeat


But then I met her.

She was like a mythical creature not ment for this world. The mear sight of her made me forget who I was. Her eyes were deep brown and shimered with youthful mischief. Her black eyelashes rivaled the beauty and elagence of a butterfly. Her hair was like the ocean, and her legs that of a goddess.

The man at the Coffee Shack called my name.

"Seth, hey Seth, your order is up. Plus your going to miss your train if you don't take off now man."

Shit he was right,I turned around grabbed my Frap and when I turned back around she was gone.

Had I truly seen her.
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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