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Chapter 1:- 1

The world and I have had very little to do with each other in my 19 years, and if I died now I doubt it would remember me. I certainly wouldn’t remember it. That’s what I was thinking as I sat at Simon’s table drinking Simon’s beer.

It wasn’t a maudlin thought, and it certainly wasn’t going to spur me to suicide. It was just an observation.

Have you ever had that thought? Of course you have, only straightaway you realise that old film was right. You know, the one where the black and white guy throws himself off a black and white bridge and an angel shows him how different the world would have turned out if he’d never been born. Different and shittier.

So anyway straight after the self-pity you think of all the tiny ways your life’s touched all these other lives and how the traces are everywhere.

Which is where I was different from you. Because I didn’t feel any self-pity, and my life hadn’t left any traces. And I was fairly sure of that because Alice’s letter was on the table and I’d read it five times since I found it in Simon’s drawer.

Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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