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Chapter 1:- dear

my life before was  dull , boring , cold , but then you came my prince from jat you brought warmth from your lands happiness , joy . with you i wake every morning thanking god to be alive .  the first time i saw you i thought you were cute , when you talked to me i hoped to see you again . do you remember you asked "do you wanna come lahore with me?" i didnt even know where it was , i thought afghanistan and  thought no way . with you i thought i would go to hell and then come back to earth ,go where ever . i

 left  you because of family jiust like a bollywood film 3 times , weird because it was only for 1 hour then came back together again .i got scared when you wanted me to lay down on your bed so i ran away you ran after me kissing me .


i was scared because you were my first boyfriend , first kiss . when i and you slept together i felt worried apart from everything else . then when you called me mooti i liked it as it was cute .when you said at the begining you'd slept with me n leave  i felt sad but luckly we stayed enough to be husband and wife . you are just the prince i was waiting for , from a far away land . sometimes i think  could we go and live on a mountain in skardu valley and live there ? but then i think how knows . i love to live on mountains as thats where my village is in the mountians.sometimes i worry that because of me you may die , get killed because i am gori .


 it still uncommon marriage in lahore or nationwide between pakstani and gori people . but you know wat i love you , i could got even to live in balochistan dessert as long as abba gives u 2 chairs and a bag of rice and water . do you think he will ? you ask he may say yes , if i ask he may say no.

i am happy of having you

Chapters:  1 2 3 4 Next Last 
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