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Chapter 1:- o^n^e
"That's what you get for
everything bad you did!" Neo
angrily said. Then... he
left Birdy.

A year after...

" To Pluie... I'll be direct
to the point... please
forgive me for leaving you.
I didn't mean to. I've come
to the realization of what
I've done. I'm sorry...

I still wish to hear your
voice once more. Please sing
the melody you wanted to
sing for me.


I guess I should send a
letter to each girls and
unmarried young woman to
avoid Birdy. He is good-
looking, but... get away
(from him) as soon as you
can! Run for your life...
before you'd be sorry.

Neo "
this were what were written
on a piece of paper held
by Pluie...
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 Next Last 
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