Dear Textnovel Community: We appreciate the effort of some volunteers who have tried to put together a plan to keep Textnovel going. Unfortunately, they were unable to raise sufficient funding and/or generate enough interest to save the site. Therefore, the site will close on May 31st. Please login and download any content you wish to save prior to that date. Thanks for all your support over the years. Its been a great ride! And keep on writing! Textnovel Team
I am eternally grateful to text novel. After years of being mocked for writing stories in notebooks or for doodling names and outlining my imagination and being told that I was "wasting the time which could utilized for success" I finally have an answer to give to my relatives instead of calling them obnoxious, illiterate retards and starting a family feud.
So thank you textnovel, for giving me the opportunity to write and share the stories that I love. Thank you. .......Akoüo
I really love 'cause it help me a lot after knowing there was a cell phone novel website. I can express my feeling into word but I'm not very good at it. But somehow, even if I can't express it very well, it'd make me happy and even happier. Express my feelings into a word calm me and help me to get rid all of my stress that has been here, in my heart. The more I write, the more I feel relax and feel like there are no burdens on my shoulders. The last word I want to say is, I LOVE YOU!!!! ^_^ . May keep moving forward.

~EJ@REE XD!!!.......Elli
I'm glad to have found Textnovel. I never knew a place like this existed until I came across this place after reading manga ^~^ For me, Textnovel is addicting! Addicting is good when you have a place that encourages constructive writing by using a friendly, competitive environment. Not to mention, the faster way to meet interesting people from different parts of the world. Textnovel is a site I plan to support one day, since I like what they stand for. ^~^-Ellen Fairyblue.......Ellen FairyBlue
TextNovel is the first and only reliable English site I have encountered that deals with cell phone novels. It encourages activeness and rewards those who show promise with titles such as Editor's Pick. It also encourages community interaction with a positive and promising attitude........Junlei

Textnovel had helped me so much.

I'm getting noticed by lots of people. You know who you are ;)

I'm getting stronger and stronger everyday. I know how to stop bullying now. I also know how to find love ;) maybe

I made lots of friends and that has been a great journry.

I'm finding lots of great stories and always reading them over and over again.


Textnovel, thank you for being here.



I always wanted to write a story, something i created, i wanted to share my Fantasy world with others. I got noticed, thank you! I didn't find many websites back then, and i thought if wrote my novels in those websites they might steal my stories, so i wrote only on a book, and then i gave up. appeared right in front of me in this screen, i thought about joining, then i got really addicted to writing.
Thank you so much Texnovel for making me share my Fantasy world!.......Szene Sophia
Textnovel helped me make a new dream; to show people that kids can write good stories too. I really like Textnovel. It's really great. I downloaded Emobo on my iPod and it really helps me to read other stories that I downloaded when I'm on the go. It helps me make my stories more organize.
Textnovel is the best way to find the the story in you. .......AMU

It's a place,
where I can store my 'mind'.

My thoughts,
my stories,

my brain,
my soul

and my heart.

A reason to keep going on,
even during the most darkest times.

Even when everything else
in this shitty life goes array.

When everything else moves
towards a certain bottom of hell.

It's given me irreplaceable friends,
ones who are sort of like a surrogate family.

Textnovel isn't just a site -

not to those that don't write because they're forced to.

But to those that write for himself or herself.

A real author writes because the writer wants to write.

In writing there's no gender, age, skin color or race important.
All what matters is your talent to write.

Is an author's will and talent.

That's what's important.

And it's what textnovel has taught me -

you don't have to be born to be a writer,
you can learn how to write.

No matter what people tell you.

I found TextNovel on March when I googled cellphone novels.
This place has a lot of awesome cellphone novels, but that was not all! It also contains light novels, and other amazing stories. I check this site everytime I open internet.
It's very true that TextNovel tagline says "where writers get noticed"

Previously I have posted my stories on other story sites, but it never got attention.
Here, there were actually people reading my story, and liking them. I am very happy that my stories got noticed, unlike other sites Also, I made new friends here.

Thank you TextNovel! :3.......egutan
TextNovel has helped me express myself and writing has become my therapy from stress in a sense. I never knew how enjoyable writing could be. Thank you, TextNovel. .......Kyasuriin
Once upon a time i had several story ideas in my head where i couldn't follow up on because i would have noting to motivate me to furthur purse whatever wild idea i came up with that i thought was really interesting, Until one day i was linked to a blog where someone wrote about writers comenting about other writers work and featuring them if they were good. i decided to sign up for text novel and give it a shot and i didn't expect my work to be read right away but it was surprisingly very quick. with textnovel i finally have the motivation to pursue and continue the stories i come up with. I dream of being able to express myself through writing and am very hopeful that some if not all will be able to appreciate my work. so i would like to thank Textnovel for giving me motivation to continue writing and hopefully someday would be the cause of my unexpected debut to the world of literature!
i hope there are many others like me who will be able to reach and appreciate textnovel like i did! thank you and more power textnovel!.......Ruki
Textnovel is really great since I can post my own stories and have people read them, as well as always finding new stories by others to read. I can socialise and meet other people who like similar genres too. I also like how you can subscribe and get updates about new chapters etc. Overall, I really like this site........Immortalisedlove
Textnovel thank you for giving me a place to express what's in my head in books to the world........RedIvy
I can't describe this site.

Or anyone on it.

No words of "thanks" or praise could possibly express how I'm feeling.

Just know that if we were to all get together one day..

I would never miss it for the world........Jook
I have never realized how much I enjoyed writing before creating an account on here. Of course, I kept a journal with some poetry. Yet, now, I have learned so much about writing and how to express myself even if I have only had this for a week. Thank you!.......Fading Crimson
Without textnovel,
There would've been no way
For me to pour out my feelings
To the world.

Without textnovel,
No one would've known
About the girl
Who hides behind her textbooks,
Studies, and binders

Without textnovel,
Perhaps the very reason
I can still keep up with my stress
With my enthusiasm for the world
Would have disappeared.

Without textnovel,
There would've been

So, thank you textnovel.
Thank people working behind textnovel.

You don't know how much happiness this website has given me.

A million smiles and hugs to you all,
- harumiyu.......harumiyu
text novel.. well, it's everything for me. they have helped me express all those ideas in my head that i couldnt show.. they were the ones who helped me persue this dream of mine to become an author.. and wow! i have fans because of the books i post in text novel. thanks alot text novel. you really helped me pursue this dream of mine........HelloGoodbye
Dear people from Textnovel

I'd like to thank you.
On this website I can write all my stories and all my feelings.
No one is prejudiced.
This website really helped me to handle my life.
It's unique and a very good website.

Your Sakura
I have always been a big writer- and people told me I was good at it. With Textnovel I can read other non publised, but great, stories. Textnovel helped me want to finish my stories and be excited to read, it always seemed like a chore during school but not here. I just love this site and am always on here either making changes, reading, or just trying new material out for reviews. So thanks for creating this website Textnovel founders!  :3.......Ookami-kun  Ookami-kun is a Textnovel supporter 
Text Novel has helped me because theres no other website like this one where you can really show other people around the world your talent and what you can do with just a key board and some people start off as a beginner but there are so many famous writters singers and rappers and dancers , and they all were each and every person on this website practicing for what they believe in and what they wanna become , and what their future is going to be and if you actually talk to the right people and do the right things and believe your heart you can achieve anything. I write every day because it calms me down from what happened to me in the past -- this is really personnal and i dont really like to talk about this to anybody but thats why this site is amazing you can express anything in words. Last year my mother died and that killed me i was sad and depressed every day I wasnt eating for days in my dark room all day sleeping and when i did eat i wouldnt stop. Im in a group home right now and i just came from a foster home and i freaked out on my foster home because her and her daughter was realling saying some real mean things about my family and they were saying i had no where else to go and all this mean stuff and i went into my room crying and praying to god that i would leave this house today and i went into my room i got my book and i started wriitting and i calmed down and when i started to write i actually smiled for the first time in a long time. so they moved me and now im really happy i write about good and happy things not sad and depressing mean things;so i really hope you guys give some awesome votes on my next book this writting career i hope i will have -- if that doesnt work out i have back up plans i also play basketball and um .. this means alot to me if im not scribbling on a piece of paper or playing basketball im rapping or singing + dancing lool :).......stillraw_legit
It has helped me embrace my diverse background and live the best of both worlds through literature. Textnovel also has given me a goal to strive for: to become a cellphone novelist accompanied by art made by myself. The vision I have for myself in the future has taken me a step foward in life. Thank you guys for creating this site!.......Skylight
Things just get better and better on this site! thanks to all my fellow scribes and the textnovel team for the amazing support. the dedication from everyone is awesome!!!.......christopher shaw
oh my gosh I love Textnovel.
This site has helped me express my emotions.
You're the BEST!.......nana_chi
I love textnovel, it's helped me out in a out so I can express the way I feel in my story. My goal is to turn my story into anime as well........sheldon has helped me because I can have people read it without getting it published. Since I am only 15 editors do not take me serious but is like paradise........Ookami-kun  Ookami-kun is a Textnovel supporter 
Thanks to TextNovel, I don't have to spend countless hours thinking of how I can share my ideas with the general public. It's fun, easy to use, and free. Perhaps the best part of TextNovel is that I can just share my stories while I pretend to sleep in class, or when I get bored shopping, using just my phone... All in all, TextNovel is the best thing that's happened to me since bacon :) ~Noctis.......Noctis
 A lovely site. So many pro's, but also alot of people who likes writing as much as I do. I see many creative stories, and potential writers~ I hope this textnovel becomes even more popular. (:.......ENJUri
I really like this site. I like how people like my story even it's just one or two fans. I really like writing on this site, it is my first time.. I was just writing for fun at first ...but now i really enjoy it!.......Rio Sawada
This site has bunch of nice stories. I really love them all. It gives me a place to share my stories also........Cikita Cuty
Before joining textnovel I would never share my stories with other, which made me feel like there was no point in finishing any of my stories. But once i made my first few stories and watching the number of views go up I just couldn't stop writing. I was actually able to finish my first story ever........Marie Kingly
I'm such a huge fan of Textnovel! I always tried writing on places such as deviantART But when I got into drawing I didn't care for literature to be in my gallery, so I kept everything as rough drafts in notebooks. when I found this website I was so happy. Only thing I wish is that submitted on the go is in an MMS, I have no data plan..........Contorted
to be able to express your thoughts and imagination in writing.. textnovel as an outlet for those like me made me feel grateful for the talent that I have as a writer.. when viewers appreciate my writing, I feel so happy that it encourages me to write and do my very best to make my novel better each day... =) thank you... .......HINATA_kei
It is like a light that led me from darkness to a clearer vision of what i really want. I am not such a talented writer, but, I haven't noticed it until today that whenever I move my hands with a pen in it, I'm actually having fun. I've been blinded by many options, but now I know what my calling is. Thanks that you've given us the opportunity to express our thoughts in this site. This will be an arena for me to practice and to improve. I'll be in your care... EURI.......euri
Great site for helping people share their fantasies and talents (and finding them) as well as a great place to learn from eachother how to write better or differently!.......Shiiya
Thank you so much to textnovel for giving me an opportunity to share my writing. Its a wonderful training ground and the support from all the other writers is just awesome!.......christopher shaw
Textnovel has helped me out tremendously.  When one of my stories was not chosen as an Editor's Pick, I received an e-mail explaining some of my weaknesses.  I found this so helpful in all of my writing.  I made changes using the Textnovel team's criticisms and that story has since become an Editor's Pick.  I now can edit my work with more preciseness, knowing where my weaknesses lie.

I have also made so many wonderful friends on Textnovel, who also give me wonderful advice as well.  It has been such a wonderful experience to enter my stories on Textnovel.  Whether I place or not in this year's contest, I consider myself a winner, just because of the knowledge I have gained since becoming a member. 

Before finding Textnovel, I was quite lost on my writing/publishing journey.  Textnovel has opened up a whole new world for me.  Thank you, dearly, Textnovel Team.
JP Grider.......J.P. Grider  J.P. Grider is a Textnovel supporter 
I tried to write some stories for ages, but anywhere I put them, I didn't know if people would read them or even like them. But at Textnovel, I got noticed and I love to post new chapters from everywhere by writing a simple MMS!.......himezawa
Textnovel has helped me to FINALLY get my work out there! As a young writer, its difficult to get people to listen, and read what you have worked so hard on, but here, I find the rich essence of other young writers, and new aspiring writers, that I've been inspired by all the other authors, writing their novels here, and by my fans; though I've only just begun, and have found this site to be so helpful, and easy to use. I can't wait to see what other competitions will arise, and how textnovel will shape me as a writer. Thank you textnovel for your awesome site!

Samantha.......Samantha Cram
I love TextNovel! I had been Googling how to get my story published and writing contests, and I found this amazing website! Even though my writing only has 28 views, I still feel like someone's finally noticing my work. I really hope that one day I can get published, and TextNovel might help me accomplish that dream! Thank you for giving us writers such an amazing opportunity!.......Juliette Hart

Before Textnovel came along I could not figure out how to get featured in anything related to writing, till one day I was web surfing and came along to Textnovel and I decided to use this site to write my manga Yellow Hit. Although I just started publishing on Textnovel I have a handful of fans already all thanks to Textnovel.

textnovel is amazing! I love how functional and versatile it is when your creating a story. The people are so nice and supportive. Couldnt get any better........Leo L.
Textnovel has given me a lot of confidence in my English grammar and when I'm writing stories. Other Authors are all friendly and willing to help you out. I'm really thankful for the textnovel for allowing me to write my stories here, to let me to clean my mind off of the stories .^_^.
You've done a very good work, Textnovel team!
I wish you a good luck and hope that this site won't disappear!
- Ergelina.......ergelina

This site is amazing because it has everything that allows me to show people my writing. I get the chance to actually put my work in a contest is amazing. I wanna see how my writing fits in among all the writes of all ages around the world. This site I thing gets 5 out 5 for being so creative in allowing anyone to sit back and write away.


I can honestly say that I enjoy writing and publishing my stories on Textnovel. One day I was surfing the web looking for a place to put my stories where readers can view it and voila! I found Texnovel. I felt lucky to find it. Not only can you enter a contest but readers can comment on your stories and vote for them. This site makes it possible to get your stories out there and for that I and many writers are grateful.

Not only that, whenever I come across a problem the textnovel crew always fixes it as fast as they can. Thank you for that!

.......P_Knightingale  P_Knightingale is a Textnovel supporter 
I remember sitting on my living room couch with my laptop and thinking, "What I write in this computer will never get noticed."  A few years later I was looking for writing contests and came up.  I clicked on it and I have been a member ever since.  WIth out my stories would still be un-noticed........Amelia Gems
Text Novel has been a great place for me to write. I had always wanted to write but when I put anything to paper I never could complete what I had started. When I started using text novel I was encouraged by the community with both votes and comments. I have managed to complete some children's stories and through other writers support I gathered up enough courage to submit a manuscript to a publisher. Text Novel is a worth while place to spend your time and write........sellery  sellery is a Textnovel supporter 
Textnovel is a wonderful way to showcase your writing! My confidence as a writer skyrocketed when I joined Textnovel. Writing is my bliss in
 life and knowing that others are reading my novels is the icing on the cake. Comments from other writers and from fans make me want to update my novels daily. The system of voting, commenting and viewing keeps the site fun. First thing I do every morning is to open Textnovel and see who has been reading and commenting.  People often ask how to get more comments. It's simple really. Textnovel is a social site. You need to read and comment on other novels and feedback will come to you. I have made so many friends on Textnovel. Friends in all stages of their writing, from beginning to those who are published. There are plenty of writing internet sites out there- I've tried a few but I always come back to Textnovel.  When you submit your novel for publication there is always that paragraph that wants to know about your achievements in writing. Winning the Editor's Choice Award is great for a query letter. Some Publishers want to know that you can self market. Textnovel offers Featured novel and Featured author sections. It's a great way to gain viewers. -- Kathleen Ball.......kathleen ball  kathleen ball is a Textnovel supporter 

Positive and enjoyable experience posting my novels here. I find that I write at a speedier rate, catch many mistakes and areas that need improvement, story direction and a myriad of other things that come along with pulling a novel together. For that I am thankful as it has aided in making me a better writer. Plus, the social atmosphere is awesome!  A great place to read aspiring new authors & some published authors' works. So thanks for having a user friendly site that continues to grow with members. Your aim to always improve the site and the acknowledgment of authors' works with awards. Editor's choice is a nice star to have in one's craw...or least in my opinion, I like it!! :) thank you so much!

.......Amber Dane  Amber Dane is a Textnovel supporter 
Scared, timid and just plain frightened of what the outcome would be when I posted my first novel on Textnovel. It was so worth the effort, with the help of other authors, I've managed to not only evolve as a writer, but learn more about myself in the process. I look back at the first novel I posted and with the help of comments and positive/negative feedback have improved greatly and I'm grateful to everyone that has helped me get this far and improve my writing. Textnovel is euphoria and thank you for being an outlet for so many authors to express themselves, whether it's for fun or just to test the water...THIS SITE IS PHENOMENAL!


DOMINO.......R.J. Kenzie  R.J. Kenzie is a Textnovel supporter 

Textnovel has introduced me to some great authors, great books, and really great readers.  It is refreshing to find a site that supports new authors.  This is truly the first site that has allowed me the freedom of my own writing while also supplying many options for publishing.


Thank you Textnovel!

.......Saewod  Saewod is a Textnovel supporter 
Textnovel is the best...It has made me open my mind a lot more; its my little space to find myself and express all I have inside, a good way to reach out to others and share my thoughts and fantasies...ES LO MAXIMO!.......DidiDixon
The blank page is both exciting and terrifying, but every time I try to start a new project, I'm too paralyzed by fear to let my muse take over.  I had read about cell phone novels in Japan and had always thought they seemed interesting.  It wasn't until I read that there was an English version that I got excited.  Setting up my novel's page was quick and painless.  Writing on my cell phone takes away the fear of never being able to fill the page and my writing has started to flow like never before.  I'm finally able to bring characters and ideas that have been in my head for months to the page and it feels amazing. Thank you Textnovel, thank you!
Author of Zooform Phenomena .......TheMonicaProject
Textnovel is a fantastic site! The feedback from other writers, the community, and the opportunity to share your work is priceless! I recommend it to everyone I know--writers and readers alike........Laura Lyle  Laura Lyle is a Textnovel supporter 
This is a wonderful site, it gives us aspiring writers a place to share what we have. I for one am so glad I found this website.......TheOneZiggy  TheOneZiggy is a Textnovel supporter 
My success at textnovel has given me so much more confidence in my writing! It led me to submit some of my writing and poetry to contests, and i'm happy to say that winning those has helped me a lot with earning some money for college! thanks textnovel .......krystal Swarovski
I love textnovel.  There are a lot of great readers and excellent writers; I hope it becomes mainstream........mauthor
I love TextNovel!  It encourages me to keep writing when I receive such wonderful comments from my readers. Associating with other writers shows me how much fun it is to write. It turns work into pleasure!  Thank you readers, for your votes and for following my story!.......Charliann Roberts  Charliann Roberts is a Textnovel supporter 
I was always talking about writing but It's scary to take the first step. My sister Tricia pushed me and I wrote my first book Texas Haven. I found and I was hesitant to post my book, but I finally did it and it has made all the difference in the world. The positive feedback, the friendly suggestions and reading other Author's books has given the courage to not only finish my first book but I'm working on my second book Ryelee's  Cowboy and I already have plans for a third. This site has made my self confidence soar. I'm working on Query letters now and hopefully I'll get published. The instant feedback and recognition on this site has been great! I've made a few friends on here too. It gets addictive- writing, posting and reading other Author's books. I appreciate all the help, suggestions and positive feedback that I have gotten from the members of ball  kathleen ball is a Textnovel supporter 
Textnovel is a wonderful writing community.  No matter what your skill level may be, you can feel comfortable posting your your work here.  Despite what reservations may have about putting your work up on the internet, the fact is that publishers haved published many internet novels and self published stories already!  Honestly, it has made all the difference in my writing.  It turned something that I did alone at my desk into something much more fun and rewarding, allowing people to read it as it is written, offering up their thoughts and suggestions!  There is nothing more satisfying than having someone stumble onto to your work and and having that person not only enjoy it, but subcribe to it!  Give it a shot you'll be glad you did!.......luckydaniel  luckydaniel is a Textnovel supporter 
"I'm loving my experiences on Textnovel. It's been a wonderful place for me to wet my feet, and I'm actually about to start sending out query letters next month. Having the chance to practice online has really been a great benefit leading up to this big step.".......Killian McRae
       How has Textnovel helped you? Tell us here.
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